Monday, 28 August 2017

Random Food-Stuffs from Australia!

Hello everyone!

We visited Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane end of May this year and a few things caught our curiosity - more like hers.

Things that we have not seen and tasted before, this time we would like to share it.

Most of you may have seen it many times already but oh wells.. It was our first Australian trip, hence the over -excited feel :)

Here goes.

Watermelon flavored Mentos - LIMITED EDITION 
He says: Really like this one! Brings me back to my younger days!
She says: I love this one! Not a fruit-person, but this one tasted so really watermelon-ish. Very refreshing after. 

Vacuum-packed cheddar cheese (given by Singapore Airlines)
He says: Nah! Not a cheese fan! 
She says: For cheese lovers, you may like this. Very convenient to keep in the handbag and eat it when you get stranded on a island. Heh. For me, it's a no-no. 

Continental's Asian Laksa 'Soup'
He says: I think just by the looks you how geli it is. Looks like maggots wei! and the taste is just geli!
She says:It tasted nothing like laksa at all. Some reviews (online) said that is is so flavorful and delicious. PLEASE. IT WAS HORRIBLE. It's one of the most disgusting 'soup' I have ever tasted. Never again. 

Arnott's Coconut & Lychee TimTam
He says: Not nice.. too sweet!
She says: I love coconut and I love lychee so I thought that this would be pretty nice since combo of two things I love. Umm, nah. Not my kind of flavor. I prefer them separately. Heh.

Choco & Mint Mentos
He says: Must try!!! Taste a bit like Andes.
She says: I was super excited to try this one okay. I thought it was very unique, no idea why. It tasted like a local sweet that we have in Malaysia. Very similar to the one that Cadbury produced. Pretty okay. 

Can we go to Australia again so we can try more new food stuffs! Hah. We would be doing this whenever we travel overseas or whenever we see new stuff that catches our attention. 

This is how we 'lose weight'. Hah. 

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Daily Dose Cafe at Stewart Lane, Penang.

We are back!

Yes, this time for real. We have taken such a looooong break from food-blogging just because we got lazy. No other excuses whatsoever. 

We became lazier and impatient. Everytime the food arrives, we no longer have the patience to 'find' nice lighting and snap photos. All we wanted to do was dive right into it, and we did for the many months ago. 

Now that we have came out from that box, we decided that this shall be a thing again. 

After all, we do enjoy (a lot) on eating and spending time with our friends, so yeah. 

Also, we realized that cafe's food nowadays are so pricey. 

Anyways, we took a weekend morning to this cafe that was introduced by a dear friend, Nick and we decided to bring the entire family there. 

Just a note that we both are not big fans of overly-priced cafe food especially on breakfast because we orang cina, we prefer dim sums and hokkien mee. Hah. 

Enjoy our first post after the absolutely long silence yeah. 

The Big Breakfast - RM20
He says: Pretty good but nothing to shout about..
She says:The portion is enough for a man, but I think needs two women to share it. I think the price isn't too bad considering that the portion is pretty big. It tasted pretty standard, like nothing unusually yummy about it. 

House BLT - RM14
He says: Gotta be one of the best BLT I have ever had! Actually it is not BLT. It's BELT - Bacon Egg Lettuce and Tomatoes! HAHA.
She says: I ordered this because I wanted to eat something that do not require any cutting. The name itself gave me idea that it's a sandwich but it came out as the deconstructed kind of sandwich. Surprised I was because I was feeling sandwich-ish that morning. Heh. Anyways, the rocket leaves go very well with the sesame seed dressing that they put o the bread. The eggs and bacon was standard. Overall, this dish was very yummy. My favorite I can say. 

French Toast - RM12
He says: I would go back there to have this again!
She says: This was just okay for me. Nutella spread inside the bread was too little I feel. Could hardly taste it. It's a very standard dessert kind of dish. You may like this if you're a dessert person. You can probably give better reviews than both of us. 

Daily Dose Cafe at Stewart Lane, Penang.
Price: Expensive

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 6.5/10