Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Chok Dee Thai Restaurant at Burmah Road, Penang

Hello there you all. We realized that every time we post something up, it always starts with this kind of greetings. The kind where we haven't been here for the longest time already! Haha!

Well, since we've been gone for so long (actually not very long also right), we shall post on another of our all-time favorite cuisine! 

Yes, another Thai food post! 

Told you that we are big lovers of Thai Food. If we're both so busy with whatever things and you try to get us out for a night right, always use Thai food as the winning point. CONFIRM WE BOTH WILL SAY YES! Hehe.

We personally think that majority of the people in Penang likes Thai food. No, we don't have some kind of survey of whatsoever but it just seems like Thai food has been surviving for so many years here. As long as your price is reasonable and your food is good, sure got return customers. 

If your cook is from Thailand, most likely your Thai food will taste awesome. At least that's what we feel lah.

So, this place is pretty famous already. People know about Chok Dee Thai, Burmah Road. In fact, everytime you drive past Burmah Road, for sure got cars in front of the shop. 

The shop is quite small, so do make your reservations first if you're planning to dine in with a big number of people okay.

We enjoyed our time at Chok Dee Thai, Burmah Road with the company of amazing people. Thank you Judson Lim for the treat! Our lawyer, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, he's still available :))

Take note that the photos are all on large orders (bold pricing) and just enough portion for 5 adults :)

Tom Yum Seafood - RM 20/RM 31

He says: Pretty good! More of a lemak kind of tomyam =)
She says: When I saw the soup, I was like, "Confirm nice already!" and I was right! Milky and spicy!

Tofu Curry Paste - RM 12/RM 15/RM 20

He says: Thumbs up! Like the gravy. Very authentic thai taste to it.
She says: This was highly recommended by Judson himself so my expectation is like so high on this dish. First serving: LOVE IT. Second time: Hmm. Sill nice okay. Third time: Err.. starting to feel jelak d. But overall very aromatic and different.

Crispy marinated Pork Strips - RM 16/RM 28 

He says: A bit dry to me. But its not bad when dip into the thai sauce.
She says: If its crispierrr, then it would have been perfect! Quite a dry dish to eat with rice.

Salted Egg Squid - RM 16/RM18/RM 28 

He says: Not a big fan of salted eggs! A no no for me.. the squid is quite nice and chewy too!
She says: Love this dish! Salted egg dishes are always of prawns so this one with squid was actually really nice. 

Tub Tim Krob (water chestnut and jackfruit served in coconut milk) - RM6
He says: A little bit too sweet and the taste is a little bit weird.
She says: A bit too watery to my liking. Normal je.

Chok Dee Thai Restaurant at Burmah Road, Penang
04-229 1492 / 012-505 8668 for reservations
Lunch: 11am - 230pm
Dinners: 6pm - 930pm

Price: Expensive

His rating: 6/10
Her rating: 6/10