Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Safe Room at Campbell Street, Penang

The night was still young and we wanted to go somewhere. We heard of this place from friends and how they make their ice cream with liquid nitrogen gas. Since we have never tasted such ice cream before, why not go give it a try.

Not sure if it's super crowded that night because it was a weekend or because it was newly opened. Either way, the place is quite small to cater for big group of friends. 

Actually, the place is quite spacious. Maybe they could re-arrange and put more tables and chairs. Just saying.

We waited at the front counter where you place your orders and pay for seats to be available. Soon after that, we got a place and made our order. 

One thing we really love about this place is they really do serve their ice cream with fresh fruits. Coconut is their signature, so that's a must try, right?

Busy night.

Their safe room with love locks all around.

Stood there for a good 15 minutes and watch how they do it.

Coconut Nitro Ice Cream - RM13.90
He says: Creative! I love it.. alternative for coconut ice cream! Haha.. Should try!
She says: I like that they use the fresh ingredients to do their ice creams whether its coconut or strawberries or mango, pineapples and the list goes on. So, that's a bonus point. The must try is coconut and it's yummy. Tasted like coconut ice cream, no biggie. A little too overpriced for me.

Butterscotch Caffe Latte - RM9.90
He says: Not bad not bad. Could be thicker though.
She says: Butterscotch latte, love it. Not overly sweet. Quite difficult to hold the glass though when it's hot. 

The Safe Room at Campbell Street, Penang
Price: Expensive

His rating: 6.5/10
Her rating: 6/10

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