Monday, 29 September 2014

Hainan Chicken Rice at Ah Tong Chicken Rice Cafe at Jalan Air Hitam, Penang

We have so much chicken rice sessions on Sunday afternoons you have no idea! 

Instead of going to the usual chicken place we always go, a good friend of ours recommended this place to us and so try new chicken rice it is!

We love trying out new things, new food, new adventure. After all, change is a constant thing right? If never try new things, you will never expand your horizon. So yeah..

The place was pretty crowded with people when we arrived at about 1pm so that sort of has a first good impression. Hehe.

Let's see what we think about the makan-makan!

Meet our good friend, Tien Kit :)

Young people hard at work.

Hainan Chicken Rice.

Chicken/Char Siew rice
He says: Smells awesome.. But just okay as a whole I think.
She says: I love the rice flavor, full of aroma. Can eat just the rice. The chicken was a little too dry and tough. Char siew was alright. It wasn't bad nor was it really good.
Tien Kit says: The chicken compared to other stalls is pretty good and tasty. But for the char siew, not as good as chicken.

Kiam Chai Boey
He says: Just okay. Not OHHM enough..
She says: It will be a lot nicer if the soup is thicker. The taste is pretty okay.
Tien Kit says: The chai boey is the bomb! Just like home cooked, enough spicy and enough sour (kao luak kao swee). It's the best chai boey you can get, there's no other chai boey as appetizing as this.

Hainan Chicken Rice at Ah Tong Chicken Rice Cafe at Jalan Air Hitam, Penang
Price: Reasonably cheap


His rating: 6/10
Her rating: 6/10
Tien Kit's rating: 7/10

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Safe Room at Campbell Street, Penang

The night was still young and we wanted to go somewhere. We heard of this place from friends and how they make their ice cream with liquid nitrogen gas. Since we have never tasted such ice cream before, why not go give it a try.

Not sure if it's super crowded that night because it was a weekend or because it was newly opened. Either way, the place is quite small to cater for big group of friends. 

Actually, the place is quite spacious. Maybe they could re-arrange and put more tables and chairs. Just saying.

We waited at the front counter where you place your orders and pay for seats to be available. Soon after that, we got a place and made our order. 

One thing we really love about this place is they really do serve their ice cream with fresh fruits. Coconut is their signature, so that's a must try, right?

Busy night.

Their safe room with love locks all around.

Stood there for a good 15 minutes and watch how they do it.

Coconut Nitro Ice Cream - RM13.90
He says: Creative! I love it.. alternative for coconut ice cream! Haha.. Should try!
She says: I like that they use the fresh ingredients to do their ice creams whether its coconut or strawberries or mango, pineapples and the list goes on. So, that's a bonus point. The must try is coconut and it's yummy. Tasted like coconut ice cream, no biggie. A little too overpriced for me.

Butterscotch Caffe Latte - RM9.90
He says: Not bad not bad. Could be thicker though.
She says: Butterscotch latte, love it. Not overly sweet. Quite difficult to hold the glass though when it's hot. 

The Safe Room at Campbell Street, Penang
Price: Expensive

His rating: 6.5/10
Her rating: 6/10

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bistro Mormor at Batu Ferringhi, Penang

"That day I had steak at this bistro in Batu Ferringhi, very nice"

"The price is reasonably cheap and it's very yummy"

We had to try it out after a friend of ours kept talking about this place. Sunday night we decided to take a break from our usual Malay food and decided to give it a try.

The bistro is not located in a proper shop built with bricks and stuff. It's on the left side as you travel up to Batu Ferringhi. It's right in front of McDonalds. 

The food cooked and served are of restaurant's quality so the price isn't as cheap as we would like it to be, given the place that were set up at is by the street. Comfy but no air-con.

We also waited close to an hour for our food to come. Kinda too long, isn't it? But was it worth the wait? 

That you gotta keep scrolling down to find out! :)

A humble shop called Mormor :)

Quite pretty set-up around the bistro. Quite romantic also.

They don't only serve western meals but also local delights. 

Oxtail Soup & Garlic Bread - RM16
He says: Mouthwatering. Served hot and the taste of the oxtail plus pepper is just nice. Together with the garlic bread, this could be one of my favorite appetizer!
She says: The garlic bread is by far the best I've ever eaten. The smell of garlic is so strong and delicious. Okay, maybe not so strong but the taste of garlic is amazing on that bread. The soup is thumbs up. Thick and so delicious. 

Sirloin Barbequed Steak with lots of roasted fresh mixed vegetables, fresh herb potatoes and onion with sauce (Medium rare) - RM28

He says: Look at that. This piece is simply juicy. Come try this one..
She says: For such a huge piece of steak, it was cheap! And super yummy. This is how I like my steak to be. SO YUMMY WEI. Or maybe cos we waited so long so we were really hungry.

Grilled Spicy marinated Chicken with lots of roasted fresh mixed vegetables, fresh herb potatoes and onion with sauce - RM15
He says: Hmmm.. Unique kind of chicken chop by the cook. Recommended!
She says: Masala flavored chicken chop. Meat is tender, masala taste is yummy. Almost taste like tandoori chicken. Quite like this one. 

Bistro Mormor at Batu Ferringhi, Penang
Price: Reasonably cheap

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 8.5/10

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ini Karilah at Jalan Masjid Negeri, Greenlane, Penang

Another Groupon-inspired dinner! 

Okay, Groupon-inspired because his mom got it at RM35 for four people. 

The price is inclusive of:

Salmon head curry with orka and tomato claypot (RM55 value)
Sweet and sour lychee boneless chicken (RM15 value)
Vegetables of the day (RM10 value)
4x embryo rice (RM8 value)

So, can say that it was a very good deal. We ordered an extra plate of golden fried bean curd with sesame sweet sauce because we thought it was going to be too little for 5 people to share. Wrong! More than enough actually. 

Anyways, it was a nice dinner with his family :)

Good to know that they use kangen water and embryo rice.

Salmon head curry with orka and tomato claypot
He says: The BOMB. The curry is simply authentic! And the fish head served is salmon fish head! My first time trying it this style. Interesting!
She says: The portion was simply madness. I remembered being in a shock mode when it came out. Even more when we discovered that the fish head is of a salmon's. Yummy curry! 

Sweet and sour lychee boneless chicken
He says: One of my favourite dish that evening. When you bite it, everything just fall into place inside your mouth. Haha!
She says: What a funny combo huh? I love lychee drink, but I find this combo a bit funny. Don't really like it. Fried chicken is okaylah.

Vegetables of the day
He says:  Decent. Could be better if served hotter!
She says: Typical dish. Nothing special.

Golden fried bean curd with sesame sweet sauce
He says:  Crispy outside and soft inside. Also, the topping of pork floss could only make is even better. 
She says: Crispy outside, soft inside. This one I like. It's not like those typical soft kind of bean curd. This is probably the softest bean curd I have ever eaten. No kidding. 

Two types of sauce that came with the fried bean curd
He says: Spicy and sour on the left and sweet on my right.
She says: Funny and weird. No thanks :)

Ini Karilah at Jalan Masjid Negeri, Greenlane, Penang
Price: Quite expensive (ala carte) / Cheap (Groupon)

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 6/10