Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Foodpanda Food Delivery - Xuan Xin Restaurant at Gurney Plaza, Penang

I don't know if anyone can agree with us but food delivery is like one of the best thing ever invented or something.

Last time, when you feel lazy to go out, the only few options that has delivery service are fast food outlets like McDonalds and KFC.

Then, this came :)

Food delivery for every other kind of food!

Yay to her for sure. Given a choice, she would probably always order food delivery. For him, it's a yay too because duhhh food delivered all the way to your doorstep okay! it would be a yay to anyone!

So, anyways after having such a tiring day at work, we decided to order food delivery using Foodpanda. What made is easy was all we needed to do is download the app. 

Or you can always log into their website to do your ordering.

To make things easier for you, just scan this and you're good to try it out! :)

We like the idea of no calling since whole day work and talk already. We just click and click and our food came one hour later. 

Yes, one hour later so for those who have their dinner at 6:30pm like us, order at 5:30pm! :)

Let's see what we ordered and how did this food delivery service went :)

Cannot believe 7-11 is also in the list. Best for anyone who caters party at home. Not enough drinks and ice? JUST USE THIS APP!

After looking through, we decided to order from Xuan Xin Restaurant, since we have rice and soup at home already :)

You can either pick up your food or have them delivered to your house/office!
He says: Honestly, she's the one who ordered. Anyhow, she says its very simple to do that.
She says: It was exciting to use this app. One of the things I like about this is that they really do deliver within 1 hour although for some 1 hour is quite a long time. Anyways, it's funny that they charge us service fee and also delivery fee. Ohh! Sometimes they have like free delivery promotions and stuff so that's really good! More food delivery for me! :)

Sauteed Sliced Beef with Celery - RM21.80
He says: Love this one.. Nicely done and it is delicious.
She says: Tender slices of beef. So yummy. The celery surprisingly made it really yummy although I still hate eating celery. Heh.

Deep Fried Prok Chop Szechuan Style - RM19.80
He says: The good thing about this is that the pork is really soft. BUT could be spicier since its szechuan style.
She says: Meat is soft and nice. Sauce is disappointing. We ordered szechuan style because we wanted something spicy. This one is sweet and sour kind. 

Foodpanda Food Delivery - Xuan Xin Restaurant at Gurney Plaza, Penang
Price: Quite expensive


His rating: 7/10 (Foodpanda) 7/10 (Xuan Xin Restaurant)
Her rating: 8/10 (Foodpanda) 5/10 (Xuan Xin Restaurant)

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