Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ah Lai Kopitiam (Under The Tree) at Gat Lebuh Gereja, Penang

Summer this year is crazily hot. All year long of summer and these few months has got to be the hottest time ever recorded or something.

We realized that we are constantly looking for water or fruits or shaded place or a place to eat with air-con! 

Then, we heard about this place that has the perfect shade under a big tree, along Penang's jam-mest main street during working hours. That's right. The Beach Street area where all the banking business are located. This area is usually packed with vehicles and humans. Go during lunch hours and you can literally break into tears, just waiting in the car. Haha. Okaylah, I exaggerated a bit lah.

Anyways, there was one day when we were both were seeing client around that area and decided to try this place out. It's famous for it's iced coffee and other kind of foods. 

And we all need iced coffee on a hot day. DEFINITELY.

It was quite cooling to be sitting under the tree. Try not to sit in the shop as it's really hot in there. 

Iced Coffee Special - RM2
He says: Special it is! Would come back for this =)
She says: One of the best I've had so far. LOVE IT! One glass not enough!

Maggi Mee Tomyam flavour - RM5
He says: Just a normal maggie mee for me.. Could be better!
She says: It's quite inconsistent. This is my second time and it tasted bad compared to the first time when I tried this, which was like 2 weeks ago. They should put less water so that the soup's taste is stronger and has more "ooopmh" to it. 

Maggi Mee Curry flavour - RM5
He says: Soup isnt power enough but it pretty okay. Not baddddd..
She says: It's alright. Very expensive for something that we can just cook at home. For those lazy to cook but wants to eat maggi mee, can come here. 

Roti Special (inside: sausage, egg and cheese) - RM5
He says: The bread is really crunchy! Love it.. Slightly pricey though.. recommended!
She says: It's quite a normal sandwich but one thing that's different is the bread. really thin and crunchy. A bit too expensive I feel because it's just one sausage with egg and cheese. The portion is really small.

Ah Lai Kopitiam (Under The Tree) at Gat Lebuh Gereja, Penang
Direction: Located next to DSOP building (yellow on the right)
Price: Very expensive

His rating: 5/10
Her ratiing: 5/10

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