Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Restoran Ang Hoay Loh at Jalan Perak, Penang

This place is widely known by people who lives in Penang. Actually, those outstation people also somehow knows about this place. It goes way back for this restaurant.

Needless to say, many of the older generations love to eat at this place. The original shop was not located at where it is currently.

So, it was her grandma's 74th on many many many Saturdays ago!

Take a guess where she wanted to have for birthday lunch?



We've eaten at this place many times, whether together or separately when we were both growing up. So, it's not a new thing to us at all. In fact, we knew what to order because we 've been dining at Ang Hoay Loh like forever or something.

This time, there were total of 10 persons and we shall review on it now.

Follow us please :)

Chef in their little kitchen.

Oh Chien (fried oyster omelette) - RM40
He says: Thumbs up for this! Its like eating gold though -.-
She says: It's alright. Quite a standard fried oyster. Nothing special, really.

Stir-Fried Tau Kua (beancurd) with Suan Na (leeks) - RM16
He says: The beancurd is soft and tasty but the prawns that come along it does not taste fresh.
She says: One of their signature dish. The gravy very yummy. The beancurd is soft and it taste so yummy when you eat it with the leeks!

Oyster Noodle
He says: ) Haha. OHHH mee! Awesome ;)
She says: ANothe rmush-have there! The last time we went there, it was really good. This time, however, not so nice. There is no consistency in the dishes here lo.

Fried Tang Hoon (glass noodles) - RM
He says: Could be better but it is not bad. Maybe it is a bit too 'watery'..
She says: This is quite nice. I like it because it's not like those dry kind of fried tang hoon. It's wet kind of dish. Very yummy.

Bak Kee Soup (for 10 persons) - RM
He says: Not a big fan of this. Just okay for me.
She says: This one for sure we will order everytime. FOR SURE! The meat is coated with cornstarch and has a very smooth-almost-chewy kind of feeling. If you have ever tried it, you should. Then, you can judge whether you like it or not. This time, the meat was rather tasteless. Again, the consistency is not there.

Stir-fry Chai Tah
He says: 'Garing' enough! =) a bit too salty though.
She says: A normal stir-fry.

Restoran Ang Hoay Loh at Jalan Perak, Penang
Location: Inside the State Chinese (PG) Association.
Price: Very expensive

His rating: 4/10
Her rating: 4/10


  1. Bad service and SUPER expensive not worth for the value. The foreigner service worker without smile and terrible service with entertain even seating there for more than 10mins. Even less customer, they will take more than an hour to serve the food and cook the food in randomly manner table. There is no menu with price for customer and simply came out with amount. While you asking the receipt, they will take long time to write the receipt to meet the figure for entire bill. The terrible and unacceptable is 1 "Hair Kean" charge RM 3.50 with small prawn. Don't get cheated to visit this place. Truly a bad experience to me and my family. Similar experience happened to my friend after my feedback.

  2. Hi! We have to agree with you on the above mentioned. It used to be a very nice place to dine in but has down-graded over the years. It's indeed sad..

  3. Waiting long but so far nice services are given. Like the fried oysters, fried TangHung, Bak Kee Soup~~ Our family like to go there for lunch :)

  4. Hi there! We're glad that you and your family enjoyed their services and food! For us, it's usually very inconsistent..