Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Famous Thai Food at Annathai-Kitchen Restaurant at Pulau Tikus, Penang

Dinner time with a few friends. Okay, not a few actually. I think it was like 10 of us or something.

As usual, we always struggle to decide where to eat, especially when you go in such a big group. So, her sister and brother in law suggested this Thai Restaurant at Pulau Tikus.

Almost immediately we both agreed and kee chiew! Hahaha.

You can either sit inside or outside of the house-converted-into-a-restaurant.

Our two guest judge for Annathai-Kitchen :)

Tomyam Kung
He says: Pretty good.. You can taste the richness of the spices/ingredient. Mixture of sweetness, sourness and spiciness.

She says: Nice. It's not too sour, not too thick or thin. Love this tomyam!

Rachel: I love it! Spicy and sour!

Kahwei: The soup taste great but needed more ingredient for it to be included into my list of favourites.

Signature Fish
He says: Normal fried fish only.

She says: Deep fried fish.. Hmm.. Normal le. The mango kerabu however is yummy. 

Rachel says: Normal deep fried fish with kerabu and another type of sauce. nothing to shout about.

Kah Wei says: Fish is not my "type of food". Look interesting though for having 2 type of sauces to your own liking

Phat Phak Liang - RM10 (small) / RM15 (big)
stir-fry vege (liang) with egg
He says: Just okay. Really.

She says: It definitely tasted better than it looks. It's quite a yummy dish. The vege somehow is quite special. One plate for me not enough. Hah.

Rachel says: Love this dish! The main reason I will go back to the shop! The fragrance of the eggs and vege is simply superb, with white rice..ooh la la! Oh..and the vege is not found here. Only found in Phuket apparently.

Kah Wei says: This dish is one of my favourites which lures me back to Annathai. Never fail i order the big size one with 2 person meal. No regrets!

Yum Khai Yao Ma - RM10 (small) / RM15 (big)
Century egg salad
He says: Highlight of the day! I think this dish is a must try here! My first time trying this and it is really really good!

She says: The sauce of this dish is superb. I don't love it that much but I don't hate it also. Quite neutral with this one.

Rachel says: Aanother must-haves for me! The combination of the century egg (imported from thai) and the onions, cili padi..NICE!

Kah Wei says: I usually don't long for century egg but this is a total different league of food taste and texture. This dish is a MUST and goes well as appetiser as well as part of your dish.

Kar Moo Tord - RM15 (small) / RM25 (medium) / RM40 (big)
pork knuckle
He says: The pork knuckle is good. The amount of meat and the 'bak eu' is just right. Nice!

She says: Teated pretty bland to me. Didn't really enjoyed this dish. Sauce also like not much taste. 

Rachel says: Not a fan of deep fried knuckle. Too oily for me. Sauce is oily as well.

Kah Wei says: Pork knuckle i only target for it's fats. Taste is good as well but didn't fit into my top 2 dish.

Thai dessert with coconut milk and water chesnut (Tub Thim Krob)
He says: Rich, u can actually smell the santan from a distance. Jkjk.. This one is quite good..

She says: Quite a yummy dessert. The santan is not too diluted or thick. Just ngam ngam.

Rachel says: Okay. Not bad. Wish to have more nangka though.

Kah Wei says: I'm not a sweet tooth person. So no comments.

Famous Thai Food at Annathai-Kitchen Restaurant
at Pulau Tikus, Penang
Location: 26, Moulmein Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang
Price: Expensive


His rating: 3/10
Her rating: 5.5/10
Rachel's rating: 6.5/10 (expensive if dine in big group)
Kah Wei's rating: 5/10

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