Friday, 7 February 2014

Famous Ice Blended Peanut and Laksa at Jalan Atas, Nibong Tebal

It was a hot day. A very very hot day. The sun shines really bright and all we wanted was to jump into a pool of iced water. Haha. Okay, not iced water lah, but a pool of water to cool ourselves down.


What better way to cool yourself down than a glass of the ever-famous ice blended peanut?!?! And a bowl of laksa! And we're at Nibong Tebal!!! Come onn! This is a muct try here!

A lot of people do not really know what to do when they are in Nibong Tebal. So, that's why we're here to tell you. Not what to do actually. More like what to eat here, in Nibong Tebal. Hence, we are called whatTWOeathere! :D

You know there's this thing about laksa that the best time to have them is during teatime. I don't know about most of you out there, but for the both of us, we do not usually order laksa for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not even supper. It's only teatime. Please tell us if you feel the same way! :)

So yeah, laksa and ice blended drinks for teatime at Nibong Tebal. 

They are sold by one family.  When you walk into the nameless coffeeshop, you'll see two similar stalls that sell laksa and ais kacang. This time we tried the on the left.

He says: Malay style of laksa when compared to Penang's. Pretty good though..
She says: The crunchy thing on top is yummy. The soup is very different to the normal ones that we have in Penang. Quite nice.

Ice Blended Peanut - RM1.50
He says: One of my ice blended! The taste is so think and rich. Too much might make you 'jelak' though..
She says: LOVE THIS ONE! It's very rich. You have got to share this with another buddy. Too much of it, you sure get very jelak. A MUST TRY! They also have like ice blended red bean, fresh orange etc.

Famous Ice Blended Peanut and Laksa at Jalan Atas, Nibong Tebal
Price: Very cheap.

His rating: 7.5/10
Her rating: 8/10

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