Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cheng Hwa Seafood Porridge at Jalan Atas, Nibong Tebal


If you see some of our previous posts (here, here and here), you would know that we really make sure we make it to full use of our makan-makan there. Small town, but so many good food to eat! We of course ended our night there with the ever famous crab porridge! 

We did not go to the usual restaurant that is famous for crab porridge, Chang Kee. This time, we decided to try out the new place. We saw a few times when we were there that this restaurant was filled with people. Even got people stand and wait. So we thought it must be either really good or really cheap!

Let's see what was the result. 

Cold and sweet Octopus (Japanese style) - RM10
He says: Cold. Its like going to Sushi King for the takos!
She says: The lady who mentioned this to us DID NOT say it was going to be a cold sweet dish. In fact, we were all expecting the usual steamed ones. I didn't like this dish. 

Vegetable with pork floss (bak hu) - RM6
He says: Normal dish...
She says: So normal.

Seafood Tomyam Maggi Soup (1 person) - RM7
He says: Pretty good.. more of a sweet and sour kind of tomyam..
She says: Normal tomyam. Seafood tomyam, but I only have prawns and fishballs. I don't like this tomyam. Not spicy enough. Very normal.

Steamed Clam (sour) - RM12
He says: Kinda like the sauce! I would say the best dish of the night.
She says: A bit sweet and a bit sour. I can safely say this is a dish that we were smiling while having it. Clams are all open and pretty fresh. No sand or mud. Quite nice.

Crab Porridge (1.02kg of crab) - RM66
He says: Normal. Nothing special..
She says: This is a huge letdown! The soup has no crab taste at all. The rice were soft. they were okay. Overall, as a crab porridge dish, it failed big time. At least for me. Two thumbs down for this one.

Cheng Hwa Seafood Porridge at Jalan Atas, Nibong Tebal
Price: Expensive


His rating: 3/10
Her rating: 2/10


  1. I agree.

    Porridge was fine
    Portion very small
    (porridge, vege, octopus )
    Terrible service, sucks !! - slow, serving porridge without spoon, not polite to customer. Sour face...

    That's the last time our family patronise there...

    Not worth..

  2. The waiters and waitresses are rather clumsy. Accidentally poured soup onto my friend, the host when he served. He did not alarmed her when he came with that soupy food. No apology.

  3. Yeah, their service isn't very good.