Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Stickhouse Italian Handicrafted Gelato at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Everybody loves ice cream yes?

Okay, maybe not all. MOST I GUESS!

We are both NOT dessert lovers. We do NOT crave for sweet things. She does crave for sweet things every once in a while but that's quite rare lah.

So, we were paktor-ing at Gurney Paragon when we walked past this shop. STICKHOUSE Italian Handocrafted Gelato.

We walked past this shop so many times and didn't even bother about it until he stopped suddenly this time after like 10 steps past the shop. Then, he kinda reversed and said, "Let's try this!" 

She whispered to him, "It's very expensive punya ice cream okay.." to which he replid, "Nvmlah, we food-bloggers, must invest and try.."


So, we were kinda lost because there were SO MANY DIFFERENT FLAVORS and we have no idea which one to choose. We asked for the best selling one and the winner is PISTACHIO GELATO.

Pick your favorite.

There's 2 different size that you can have your gelato in. The mini or regular. RM5.80 and RM9.80. Got limited edition sumore if you are feeling exclusive and you just don't know where to spend your money on :)
Then, you also can add dippings and toppings. 

When we were discussing which one to get, we said that we wanted the mini one, so when he passed to us and we each took a bite already, he said, "Total is RM9.80. We were like, "Huh? Thought mini one is RM5.80 only?" He of course replied, "Oh! That's the regular one you're having." -.-

He says: Unique I would say. Like the taste of pistachio! Try it if you have an extra kachings to splash.
She says: Never a fan of pistachio taste, but this one not bad. For someone who loves this nut taste, you will like this gelato. It's rich with the flavor and not too sweet. Though it looked like ice-y type, it's actually not. It tastes better than it looks, for sure. Still, I think it's too pricey for an ice cream like that.

Stickhouse Italian Handicrafted Gelato at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang
Location: Lower ground of Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang
Price: Expensive

His rating: 6/10
Her rating: 5/10

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