Monday, 6 January 2014

Famous Tomyam at Jalan Raja Uda (right after Kwang Hwa School)


This is not the first time we blogged about tomyam. 

Being Thai food lovers (yes, the both of us!), we of course will tend to lean more on trying out tomyams and thai-related-foods. 

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He brought her here once or maybe a few times but it was always closed. 

You see, it's quite funny in a way when we talk about Raja Uda Tomyam. Everytime we suggest to have tomyam at Raja Uda, for sure people will ask, "WHICH ONE?" 

CONFIRM people will ask this question! 

For the both of us, we always tell people this is the original one. The nicer one. The one next to a school. The one that cooks really slowly and people are still willing to wait.

So, this time when we went there, we waited for like about 1 hour, which isn't too bad, but we were all super hungryyyy!

Imagine us walloping the whole bowl as soon as it reaches our table.

at 7:30pm.

Time to feast :)
You can of course choose your own ingredients and noodles or if you want porridge style also got. 

He says: Sweet kind of tomyam and this one is really good! Would travel back there and wait for the bowl of tomyam. :)
She says: It tasted better than it looks! I of course would prefer this than this one, but its quite nice. If you are not those who eats really spicy stuff, this is good for you. It isn't too spicy nor bland. It's alright. Very chun-chun. 

Famous Tomyam at Jalan Raja Uda 
(right after Kwang Hwa School)
Price: Slightly expensive

His rating: 8/10
Her rating: 7/10

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