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Next Stop at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang

You know this shop.

You walked past this shop EVERYTIME.

You know it because of it's unique look. It's outstanding shop makes me know-able.

You probably won't realize it that you know of this shop, but you know it at the back of your head.

We asked a few friends about it if they have heard of this place called Next Stop, and after 1 minute of so, they all said the same thing (roughly the same thing).

"Oh, the one on the bus one ah?" and "Oh the one that sells fried snack food eh!"

This, my dear friends is the Next Stop.

So, we went for dinner to the 1st Avenue Mall's branch and had amazing dinner there. You are probably wondering if those fried snacks could actually fill our tummy. Yes indeed it did. There were quite a lot of people who actually had their dinner there. 

We felt that their location at the cinema level was very strategic. Afterall, their motto is "Take a break, have a bite!" 

So, after all that walking around mall or before you go watch a movie, stop by their very bright red bus and get a bite!

Before we go on ahead with our thoughts of the food, we must first say that we were totally shocked to find that their menu serves a wide range and variety of food. From fried fish fillet to soup to dessert. At Next Stop, you certainly can have a full wholesome meal.

We kid you not :)

Oh, and also all their frozen seafood products are of Pacific West brand. They literally used their products and cook them for people like you and me. Next Stop is like Pacific West's sister/brother company/brand, sort of. So yeah, high quality food and we don't even have to but them frozen and having to cook by ourselves. All ready to be served at Next Stop :) 

Alright, so now it's time to talk about the food that we had. LET'S GO!

Fish Burrito - RM8.90
Juicy white fish fillet coated with Mexican spice and crispy core chips in Tortilla wrap, served with salsa sauce, special mayonnaise, lettuce and sliced tomatoes.
He says: Look at that! The sauce, the fish fillet in the wrap! One of the best wrap I've tasted. =)
She says: I love tortilla wrap with almost just anything. This one is the BOMB of all bombs! Let me start with the fish fillet! It's super crunchy outside and super soft and moist inside. It's perfectly cooked for sure (I'm no Masterchef but you can tell because it tasted so delicious!). Then, the sauce. Wahhhh! The salsa sauce made this dish such a perfect one. It's sweet, a little spicy and have that tangy taste. Ahhhh! AMAZING STUFF THIS ONE! You have to try this! It's super yummy!

Cheesy wedges - RM4.50
He says: Hmm.. Its a bit soft but its still a yummy snack!
She says: It is just like any wedges that you can find elsewhere The cheese topping is somehow a little different than the ones they serve in KFC. This one tasted better. Don't ask me in what sense because I can't really tell. Just try and let us know what you think.

Crispy Fish Wrap - RM8.90
Juicy white fish fillet with black pepper in tortilla wrap, served with mayonnaise, lettuce and sliced tomatoes.
He says: CRUNCHY! When you bite, you can actually feel the sauce oozing out into your mouth eh! Gahhh.. Would go back for that!
She says: Oooh. Another fish wrapped in tortilla. Crunchy outside and softly moist inside. Next Stop knows how to cook a perfect fish fillet I tell you. This one is not spicy. This is very soothing-kind-of-wrap, with mayo and lettuce and tomatoes. It does taste like fish burgers but only thing is this one is a lot nicer and healthier.

Tempura Salmon Fish Fingers with Mango Chilli Sauce (3 pcs)- RM8.50
100% wild-caught salmon Goujon.
He says: My favourite of all! Salmon 'goreng' wei! Where can you find that? Here in Next Stop! Not only that, the mango, yes MANGO sauce totally owned everything. MUST MUST TRY!
She says: Salmon fish fingers.. Hmm.. THIS BLEW ME AWAY TOO! Insanely delicious. If you love salmon or eat a lot of salmon, you know there is some kind of taste/smell that salmon has on them, and surprisingly, that's the thing that makes people like to eat salmon. This one, although deep-fried, still has the fragrant taste/smell of salmon. It's superb! Oh, and the mango-chilli-sauce is so unique that we both finished the whole thing even when we already finish the salmon fingers. BEST CHILLI SAUCE I'VE EVER TASTED. Whoever that thought mango can go well with chilli, you are a genius! GENIUS! :) 

Salmon Burger - RM8.90
Succulent 100% salmon burger meat with herbs and spices.
He says: My first time trying this! Salmon blended with a mixture of herbs and spices made this the UUUMH thing.. somehow it tastes a bit like MURUKU! (Maybe I'm still stuck in the Deepavali mood) Haha! Thumbs up!
She says: I'm not a big fan of burgers, because I don't really like to eat buns/bread/flour-y stuff. Anyways, when I had my first bite, instant in love with the bun. Hot and super soft. SUPER SUPER SOFT. And the burget patty that's made of salmon meat, another genius. One thing I love about the patty is that it's mixed with herbs and spices, so it's actually very fragrantful (I don't know if there's such word. Haha). Thumbs up for this burger!

Salt & Pepper Squid (Next Stop's top selling item in UK) - RM7 
He says: How can this go wrong! I would go back for this as well.. Crunchy outside and soft inside. Yums! British's favourite!
She says: Best selling in UK for sure must try. When it first came to us, it looked quite cute because they're like these round round puffy things. I didn;t expect it to be good. Surprisingly, it's not chewy. It's soft inside and quite crunchy outside. Best to take them when it's hot.

Traditional English Fish & Chips - RM7
He says: Hmm.. normal. deep fried fillet aka fish and chips without fries. =p
She says: How can a deep-fried fish fillet like this go wrong? It's huge and it's yummy.

Hand-dipped corn dog - RM5
Chicken sausage coated in a thick layer of crispy cornmeal batter.
He says: Hahaha.. This is really really really huge. Good stuff.. The flour coating outside tastes different from normal ones! Smells good, tastes good. Maybe if you eat it with the mango sauce, it'll taste a lot better!
She says: Like I said earlier, I'm not a big fan of anything that is deep-freid with flour-y stuff. One bite, and I straight raised my right eye-brow. Something is different with the batter outside coating the sausage. It's different. It has more taste and more appetizing. Sausage inside is normal. Overall, quite a good dish.

Clam Chowder with a dinner roll - RM6.90
He says: Hahha.. Pretty good =) A lot of 'liau' inside!
She says: Oooh. Who doesn't love soup? I love ittt. Clam chowder. There's so many things in that bowl I tell you. Clams, potatoes and I have no idea what else. It's little sweet and a bit spicy feeling in the end. Not a bad clam chowder.

Dessert is Orange Sorbet (small) - RM5.90 and Pineapple Sorbet (big) - RM7.90
This product is imported all the way from Africa, and they are all made with real fruits.
He says: Hahah! I like this one a lot. The orange one is pretty good and the pineapple is even better! I'll go back for the coconut sorbet real soon!
She says: What I love about these sorbets are it tasted exactly like a real fruit, in an icy form. The orange and pineapple (as you can see in the photo above) is real! Love the smell the moment I tore that plastic open! SUPER LOVE THIS ONE!.

Next Stop at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang
Location: 182, Jalan Magazine, 10300, Georgetown, Penang
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 8.7/10
Her rating: 8.5/10

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