Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Famous Nasi Melayu at Terengganu Road, Taman Free School, Penang

This is the night when we both wanted something completely different, and the fact that we couldn't settle for wanting to eat the same thing. Problem laa.

Then, she said something like, "How I wish nasi tomato is open now.." 

Well, one of our favorite place to eat is here, but they only opens from 11pm till 1am. So, for dinner that's out. 

Then, suddenly we remembered there's another yummy and famous nasi melayu that also serves nasi tomato at Taman Free School area. WIN!

And they have curry fish head too, which was what she craved for but in the end she got herself a deep-fried-sambal-stuffed-fish. Girls and their random cravings!


He happy. She also happy. Everyone happy :)

He says: Gah... Ate this since I'm in high school but could never get bored of it! You gotta ask for the nasi tomato though instead of the usual white rice. The curry sips into the rice perfectly and the taste is simply awesome!
She says: Flavour of the mixed curry were so delicious! The deep-fried fish was okay though. Tasted better ones elsewhere. The tomato rice is quite nice. Overall, quite a satisfying dish!

Famous Nasi Melayu at Terengganu Road, Taman Free School, Penang
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 7.5/10
Her rating: 7/10

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