Monday, 14 October 2013

Wei Universal Curry Fish Head at Lorong Perak, Penang

A good friend of ours just came back from the OZ land for a very short holiday, so we met up for dinner. We were on the way to another location, when we passed this place and immediately he said that the curry fish head here is gooood. So, we made that turn and wala! We ended up dinner-ing here! :)

You can see our first entry on curry fish head HERE!

We have two very special guests here with us, that will comment from their side too :)

Eveyone, meet Kelvin Lim, the OZ boy :)

And Mr Jack Lee, our joker :)

Making a new pot of freshly made curries. Yums.

Other than fish head, you can add in squid and prawns. All very fresh :)

A plate of vegetables as one of the dish :)
He says: This one is kinda bad but the bak hu made it a lot better! hahaha! 
She says: Typical vegetable, but the black sauce is a bit too plain and watery.
Kelvin says: It was okay.
Jack says: Typical vegetable.

Deep Fried Belacan Chicken
He says: Typical belacan chicken. 
She says: Okay okay la.
Kelvin says: The belachan chicken is not very fragrant. Quite standard but compliments with the curry fish.
Jack says: Belacan chicken nice.

Curry Fish Head + Squid
He says: Milky/santan-ish kinda curry. It pretty good but could be better if it is spicier! haha! 
She says: Smells good even when it hasn't reach our table. It's pretty yummy. And the fish meat is so fresh and huge! Love it! :)
Kelvin says: Fish pretty fresh, curry sweet and a little viscous.
Jack says: Fish tasted good.

 I compared the size of the fish tail with a spoon. It's seriously very big piece.

Wei Universal Curry Fish Head at Lorong Perak, Penang
Location: At the junction of Lorong Perak and Jalan Jelutong traffic light.
Price: Slightly expensive

His rating: 7.5/10
Her rating: 8.5/10
Kelvin's rating: 8/10
Jack's rating: 8/10

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