Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sawara Restaurant at Burmah Road, Penang

She has been craving for fish steamboat for a very long time already, and the last time we actually had one was in March, which we posted over here. This time, it was a bit crazy if we were gonna drive across the Penang bridge for one dinner, right so we went to Sawara at Pulau Tikus.

She was definitely a happy girl. Tummy happy, everyone also happy. haha :)

So, appetizer we ordered Cold Cut Sliced Pork.

He says: Haha. This one is ahhhsome! Weird at first bite but after that that you'll love it.
She says: THIS IS AMAZING! SO YUMMY! At first, I thought it was gonna be like weird to eat cold cut sliced pork, but it was so delicious. The aroma was amazing.

The chilli sauce
He says: Sour kind of sauce. Little bit sweet as well.. Not bad..
She says: TWO THUMBS UP! Spicy and a bit sour and sweet. Yums to the max.

Claypot Fish Head - small (RM45)

He says: Gotta love ya. gotta love ya. gotta love ya....
She says: WAHHHH! This one is spoon-licking gooood. Ours is not really steamboat. It's more like a pot of all goodness dumped inside. Their steamboat sets are fro like 3-4pax or even more. But this is as good la. The soup is lovelyy!

Sawara Restaurant at Burmah Road, Penang
Price: Slightly expensive

His rating: 8.2/10
Her rating: 8/10

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