Monday, 23 September 2013

The Twelve Cups at Beach Street, Penang

Penang is no stranger to little cafes that serves snacks or cakes or sandwiches and amazing coffee with some cute arts on them. Not many will open till late at night though.

We find ourselves walking into this bright shop that is famous for it's French dessert, crepes. You will not miss this shop as you walk along The Whiteaways Arcade at Beach Street. Time for some healthy-not-nasi-kandar-supper with our friends!

They have so many different flavored crepe that you get to choose from.

The inside of the cafe.

Cafe Latte (RM9.90)
He says: Nice latte art but the taste is just average.
She says: Nehhh. No sweet. I don't like coffee, so no thanks for me.

Iced Blended Chocolate and Banana (RM12.90)
He says: Glekkk.. Just okay..
She says: Chocolate and banana goes well, that is no doubt. It's quite alright, but too procey for ice blended drink.

Hokkaido Chocolate Crepe (RM10.50)

He says: Nono for me maybe because I'm not fan of this. Not fair for me to comment on this one.. hehe.
She says: First bite is alright. By the time I had the fifth spoonful of it, I couldn't swallow anything anymore. No thanks for me. Too mushy-mushy of a cake.

The Twelve Cups at Beach Street, Penang
Location: At The Whiteaways Arcade along Beach Street
Price: Very expensive

His rating: 5/10
Her rating: 3/10

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