Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Famous Fish Head Bee Hoon along Burmah Road at Pulau Tikus, Penang

One of those nights where we did not dine at home and decided to makan with a bunch of good friends. The same group that commented on our famous Pulau Aman trip. This time, we decided to include the man who introduced this amazing place to us.

Everyone, please meet Joshua Tan.

The fish head bee hoon soup is located next to a Tua Pek Kong Temple. There's also another stall that sells Fried Yong Tau Foo which we tried too. The compound of the place is pretty huge but only a number of tables are set up. It also gets a bit too dark as the night comes. That's probably why only a few tables are available. The shop behind the fish head beehoon stall is pretty small.

The price is depending on the ingredients that you would like to add into your soup.

They have bee hoon (thin and fat ones), maggie noodles and even porridge. They also serve both clear soup and tomyam soup.

Tomyam Soup with Maggie Noodles.
He says: Tastes just okay to me.
She says: It's unlike any tomyam I've tasted and its like a bit funny kind, but I kinda like it. 
Joshua says: It's alright for me. Taste a bit weird at the end.

Clear Soup with Mee Hoon (rice vermicelli)
He says: Like this one.. =D The soup tasted really good.
She says: Perfect for those who don't feel good. This is like yums to the yums. THUMBS UP!
Joshua says: Favourite place to eat so far! Mee hoon not too hard, not too soft, and they've got many choices to choose :)

Famous Fish Head Bee Hoon along Burmah Road at Pulau Tikus, Penang
Location: It is directly across from the junction of Burmah Road and Codrington Avenue.
Price: Reasonable

His rating:  Mee hoon th'ng 6/10 tomyam 3/10
Her rating:  Mee hoon th'ng 8/10 tomyam 6/10
Joshua's rating: Mee hoon th'ng 8.5/10 tomyam 4/10

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