Thursday, 25 July 2013

Famous Laksa at Taman Emas Kopitiam (Opposite Peng Hua High School), Jalan Gottlieb, Penang

You know, every Sunday after church, we always have this FIRSTWORLDPROBLEM. Actually, come to think about it, it's not only on Sundays after Sunday Service. It actually happens every time a group of us are together! And it's not like there's no place to go to, it's just there's so many of us that when one suggest a place, there will be one more that didn't feel like eating them. So yeah. our FIRSTWORLDPROBLEM. 

Anyways, this particular Sunday, we all wanted to have something different. Something we don't usually go on Sunday and something that is reasonably cheap too. So many names and places but all also rejected by at least one person. And then, someone said, "Laksa opposite Peng Hua!" and immediately everyone nodded in agreement with that person. 

People never really regard this laksa according to its kopitiam name, which is Taman Emas. People ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS say "OPPOSITE PENG HUA SCHOOL!" 

So, opposite Peng Hua School we went. And this one not many people will say no to, especially if you go makan in a group. That's because they have like other stalls too. Today, we are gonna just review on the laksa. The ever famous opposite Peng Hua laksa!

A bowl of laksa a day..
He says: My first time there I didn't really like it but this time it was a lot better! Quite sweet and not thick enough though. 
She says: It's alright to me. If it's spicy-er and thicker, then it will be the bomb d! It's just ok-ok for me.

The stall also sells fried pohpiah and chai kueh (steamed vegetable dumplings) to accompany your laksa.
He says: Love the fried pohpiah! Complements the laksa so well =D The chai kueh is just okay though..
She says: Love the chai kueh's fillings. The white skin is a bit too thick for me. Like too much flour nia. The fried poh piah is just like any normal ones. Nothing special really. Yummy when dip into the laksa soup though!

Famous Laksa at Taman Emas Kopitiam 
(Opposite Peng Hua High School) Jalan Gottlieb, Penang
Location: The corner shoplot opposite Peng Hua High School.
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 5.5/10

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