Thursday, 25 July 2013

Famous Laksa at Taman Emas Kopitiam (Opposite Peng Hua High School), Jalan Gottlieb, Penang

You know, every Sunday after church, we always have this FIRSTWORLDPROBLEM. Actually, come to think about it, it's not only on Sundays after Sunday Service. It actually happens every time a group of us are together! And it's not like there's no place to go to, it's just there's so many of us that when one suggest a place, there will be one more that didn't feel like eating them. So yeah. our FIRSTWORLDPROBLEM. 

Anyways, this particular Sunday, we all wanted to have something different. Something we don't usually go on Sunday and something that is reasonably cheap too. So many names and places but all also rejected by at least one person. And then, someone said, "Laksa opposite Peng Hua!" and immediately everyone nodded in agreement with that person. 

People never really regard this laksa according to its kopitiam name, which is Taman Emas. People ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS say "OPPOSITE PENG HUA SCHOOL!" 

So, opposite Peng Hua School we went. And this one not many people will say no to, especially if you go makan in a group. That's because they have like other stalls too. Today, we are gonna just review on the laksa. The ever famous opposite Peng Hua laksa!

A bowl of laksa a day..
He says: My first time there I didn't really like it but this time it was a lot better! Quite sweet and not thick enough though. 
She says: It's alright to me. If it's spicy-er and thicker, then it will be the bomb d! It's just ok-ok for me.

The stall also sells fried pohpiah and chai kueh (steamed vegetable dumplings) to accompany your laksa.
He says: Love the fried pohpiah! Complements the laksa so well =D The chai kueh is just okay though..
She says: Love the chai kueh's fillings. The white skin is a bit too thick for me. Like too much flour nia. The fried poh piah is just like any normal ones. Nothing special really. Yummy when dip into the laksa soup though!

Famous Laksa at Taman Emas Kopitiam 
(Opposite Peng Hua High School) Jalan Gottlieb, Penang
Location: The corner shoplot opposite Peng Hua High School.
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 5.5/10

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mikki-G Restaurant at D'Piazza Mall, Penang

Dinner with good friends is always good! And also the best ways for us to try as many food as we can, without having to pay for all. Heh. Smart people works smartly!

This time we traveled to the other side of the island to this place called Mikki-G. Never heard of it before. Never eaten there before too. So, it was surprise surprise meal. We thought it would be a good meal since our pastor suggested it! And the food surprised us both! :) 

Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM12.50)
Stuffed with chicken ham and cheese. Served with mashed potato, stir-fried vegetables and creamy brown sauce.

He says: I like this one.. You can taste the cheeze oozing in your mouth when you bite it. =D 
She says: A typical chicken cordon bleu I supposed. Gravy is quite yummylicious! :)

Spaghetti Carbonara (RM10.90)
With chicken ham and button mushroom.

He says: This one was just okay for me.. A bit too creamy but no much flavour to it.
She says: Never a big fan of creamy carbonara pasta. This one is quite alright. Nothing special to shout about.

Spaghetti Primavera (RM9.90)
Sprnig vegetable.
He says: This dish caught my tongue that night. Tasty! Would definitely go back there for this spaghetti. 
She says: When I looked at it, I was like, "Okay.." but the moment I tasted it, I wanted more! I wanted to like order another plate for myself although I already have a main course. Haha. This one is definitely THUMBS UP!

Crispy Chicken Chop (RM9.90)
Deep fried chicken served with fries, coleslaw and creamy brown sauce.
He says: Normal chicken chop...
She says: Too fried-ish. Usual chicken chop..

Roast Beef Tenderloin (RM18.50)
He says: Like this one.. Tender like tenderloin? haha. The sauce is nice also!
She says: And this is my main course! Like the sauce. The meat is alright. Some of them quite tough. Quite.

Spaghetti Seafood Marinara (RM13.90)

He says: Just another typical spaghetti for me...
She says: Honestly, my mom cooked better pasta. So, maybe because my mom is really good in pasta stuff, my tastebud on it kinda increased too? I don't know.. I don't really like the fried stuff.. Too oily to my liking..

Seafood Combo (RM12.90)
Deep fried fish, prawn, calamari with fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce.

He says: Hahaha. Deep fried stuff is my favourite. Its a little bit dry. Tips: Dip it into the tartar sauce. =)
She says: Don't like! Too fried la. I mean, it's all fried! And there's no like special unique taste also.

Griiled Fish Fillet (RM11.50)
Served with mashed potato, stir-fried vegetables and creamy lemon sauce.
He says: Tastes weird but goood.. Nicely grilled... But the creamy lemon sauce is a NONO for me!
She says: Normal fillet meal. Dipping sauce is funny to me. No idea what kind of taste also.

Double Scoop Ice Cream with Whipped Cream (RM3.90)
He says: Goody!
 She says: Love the topping! Ice cream is always good :)

Mikki-G Restaurant at D'Piazza Mall, Penang
Location: D'Piazza Mall, Penang (used to be called Home's Cafe)
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 7.5/10

Friday, 12 July 2013

Borbie Cheese Potato and Snack at Gurney Plaza, Penang

She always walked past this stall and always wanted to give it a try but we never actually stood outside and order. Why? Because for a potato baked kind of food, she felt that it was a bit too pricey. So, we always just walked past it.

Then, one day when we were heading towards Old Town for just some snacks and coffee time, she decided that she wanted to try this time. "Do it for food blog sake!" Yeah.. the reason that always wins. Hahaha. At first, we waited like a good 30 minutes because the lady apparently went to the "toilet"! So okay.. Determination must be there if you want to eat something. Haha!

We finally ordered. And when it came (which was surprisingly fast), we were also given a cup of Iced Lemon Tea. So, it's like Buy 1, Free 1 Iced Lemon Tea. Let's see what we think of it.

The many flavors of Borbie. 

Borbie Special (RM8.50)
He says: Hmmmmmmmmm... Like the pineapples, sausages and brocolli but the corn + weird cheesy sauce made it a bit of a funny taste. Just okay for me.=S
She says: The moment I laid my eyes on the food, I straight speechless. It doesn't look appetizing at all. Hah. The potato feels like its just made of powder instant kind. The gravy to it was a bit too cheesy and creamy for me. After a few mouthful, I felt so "jelak" with it. Don't like it, sorry. Too expensive also for a piece of potato snack.

Borbie Cheese Potato and Snack at Gurney Plaza, Penang
Location: 6th Floor of Gurney Plaza 
Price: Expensive

His rating: 4/10
Her rating: 2/10

Monday, 1 July 2013

Coconut Ice Cream at Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple, Lorong Burma, Penang

C O C O N U T. One for you and one for  me.

Nothing is more perfect than few scoops of coconut ice cream on a hot sunny Sunday! NOTHING!

Just to let you all know how we both fell in love with coconut ice cream. It all started when we decided to try the ice cream out at a shop called "Love Locks" which you can find the post HERE. And not long after that, the shop closed down. SO SAD OKAYYY! Then, for few months we went searching in this whole entire island (okay, maybe not whole island but we did went around) to look for coconut ice cream but couldn't find.

And then finally, we found this place and the first time we went there, it was closed because it was her daughter's wedding. So yeah, then this time we went back and SO HAPPY THAT IT WAS OPEN!! SO SO HAPPY!

The stall is in the Burmese Temple along Burma Lane. The moment you step inside, it's on your left.


Three scoops of homemade coconut ice cream, topped with sweet corn and crunchy nuts - RM2.50
(You can choose to eait it with a cone or even with bread)
He says: I'm a big big fan of coconut ice creams! I'll say this one is just okay though.. The flavour or fragrance of the coconut/santan is not strong enough. But maybe its because of the toppings that covered the richness of the ice cream. Would go back there again because its the only coconut ice cream I know of in Penang but I would not add any toppings on it the next time. 
She says: Best flavour for ice cream ever! This one is not the best we tried but still very yummy. The word I will use to describe it would be REFRESHING! I thought at first the toppings were quite weird to be eaten together, but I kinda love it! The sweet corn together with the peanuts. Yums.

Coconut Ice Cream at Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple, Lorong Burma, Penang
Location: Inside the Burmese Temple
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 6/10
Her rating: 8/10