Monday, 17 June 2013

Isaribi Tei Japanese Restaurant at Chow Thye Road, Penang

She saw this deal (AGAIN!) on Groupon and immediately bought it as she really wanted to try those mentioned in the set menu. RM88 for 2pax. That's like 44% discount of its original price. Actually, we will never order so much in a Japanese Restaurant and to total up to that amount! Imagine with that money, we could have better meals by the roadside. But again, cannot compare la since this is Japanese food whatt. Our favorite Japanese restaurant will still be Yuzu. Sadly, they don't have one in Penang. Oh well...

Do enjoy our photos as you can notice that we have included our name/brand into each photos. She discovered PicMonkey and she had fun editing pictures because it's very user friendly. Sort of. So yeah, enjoy reading us! :)

Front entrance of the Japanese Restaurant.

The very green-themed-garden-like walkway to the restaurant.

Inside of the restaurant. 

Grilled Tuna Maki (RM25.00)
Grilled maki sushi rolls with tuna.
He says: Grilled perfectly.. The sticky rice is a bit dry though..
She says: Very unique taste! I didn't even know that this is tuna! Yummy. Love this one.

Shima-aji Cavlor and Salmon Carpaccio (RM25.00)
Special Carpaccio dish made with striped jack fish and salmon.
He says: The best! what a combo right there! People go try this one.. =)
She says: Pretty colors right? The salmon and avocado is perfecto! It's very yummy! The avocado makes it so creamy and just compliments the raw fish. And it's so fresh! OH SO FRESH! Love this dish to the max!

Sanma Kabayaki (RM18.00)
Japanese saury marinated with teriyaki sauce and grilled.
He says:  Probably my first time eating Sanma fish. Smells like... fish oil? probably because of the rich fish oil inside this fish! Haha. 2 thumbs up! After eating this, I burped and it smells really fishy!
She says: I don't and never will like this kind of long fish. I don't know how to explain it. But the way they grill this goodness is heavenly! The sweet kind of sauce they used is finger licking good good! Sweet and tasty! :)

King Prawn Thermidor (RM40.00)
King prawn stuffed with cheese and cream and served au gratin style 
(au gratin refers to a dish that is baked with a topping of seasoned breadcrumbs and cheese)
He says: Look at that! Just imagine the cheese and prawn all over your mouth! fuuulah!
She says: Prawn is fresh. The cheese is very chewy which is such a lovely thing. And the sauce that accompanies the baked prawn is very nice. Quite creamy and delicious. Thumbs up for this one! :)

Tai Shabu Shabu (RM35.00)
Mini steamboat dish with fresh red snapper cuts.
He says:  The soup is really really really sweet. The mushroom and bean curd is really delicious too.. I think the can cut down on the sugar though..
She says: Mini steamboat! Yay! The cuts of fresh fish fillet is super fresh. The soup is sweet. perhaps too sweet for me. Too sweet to drink a lot of time. If its less sweet, then it'll be like so perfect! :)

Black Sesame Homemade Ice Cream (RM5 per scoop)
He says: No way I'm not gonna eat that again..
She says: Err.. it's alright. It's unique because I never tasted one ice cream like that. It's like eating the fried sesame bun called " han chin peng"! Haha.

Isaribi Tei Japanese Restaurant at Chow Thye Road, Penang
Location: 60 Chow Thye Road, 10350 Georgetown, Penang
Direction: Next to Jemputree.
Price: Quite expensive

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 8/10

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