Friday, 8 March 2013

Famous Fish Steamboat at Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat, Raja Uda

DadKhoo's early birthday dinner celebration. We had Thai cuisine last year at Khun Thai Teluk Kumbar, of which you can read it here! But this time, we thought we would travel across the sea for some famous fish steamboat. Fish steamboat means the soup is not made with chicken stock or chicken bones, but of fish.

All our first time there except the boy. He sort of took us there and recognised the shop from a distance.

Their shop used to be really small, now ample of space to dine here :)

Their "chilli sauce" dip.
He says: This sauce is great! In hokkien people call it 'lam chut' or something. Sweet, spicy and sour all in one.

We took a package of RM228. If you don't want the package, you can order the fish soup with a minimal price, and then order all the other ingredients on ala carte basis. 

He says: Muahhh.. The soup is super good. Give it a try people, I bet you'll get hook to it!
She says: The fish soup is soooo good that I couldn't stop drinking it. I think we became full very fast because of the soup! And the ingredients are fresh! My favorite has to be the strips of abalone. Least favorite is bacon. Who boils bacon? Mad. MUST TRY THIS STEAMBOAT!

Fish Steamboat at Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat, Raja Uda
Location: 6525, Along Jalan Raja Uda Butterworth
Direction: If you coming from Bagan, it would be on your right whereas if you comes from Sg Dua exit, it would be on your left after the Chinese temple.

Price: Reasonable

His rating:9.2.10
Her rating: 9.5/10

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