Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Famous Yam Rice at Soon Long Coffeeshop, Chai Leng Park.

You know you've got yourself a great boyfriend when he would take you all the way across the bridge so that you could eat your favorite yam rice. Okay, let's not compliment him so much if not he sure very bangga like that. Haha. So yeah, there's this shop that I love love to go! Though it's far, it's totally worth the effort. Okay, let's move on. My mouth is already watering now as I type this out. Ahh, torture much.

You get to pick what you want or don't want to have in your soup.

Yam rice are usually served with yong tau foo but this one is like pork-soup-kind. They also have pork leg and vegetables and beancurd for side dish.

Yam rice for RM0.80 (B) and RM0.40 (S)
He says: This one is quite good because you can actually taste the small bits of 'har bee' inside the yam rice. 
She says: I don't eat yam or yam rice. But this one is one exceptional. The dried prawns in it make them even better. Thumbs up for this one.

Portion for 2 persons. No internal organs of the oink oink for us, thank you.
He says: The 'thing' here. Love it. The meats is soft and tender as well. The meatballs are normal though..
She says: LOVE THE SOUP! My favorite add ins are always the meatballs and pork fillet! Soup is refillable anytime :)

Vegetable (small)
He says: Simple yet delicious. =)
She says: Normal vege.

Their signature chilli.
He says: Good stuff if you wanna add some taste to your yam rice, meat balls or meat.
She says: I always ask for more of this everytime I eat here. That says it all, isnt it. Best thing ever!

During lunchtime, it is usually full of hungry humans.

Yam Rice at Soon Long Coffeeshop, Chai Leng Park.
Location: It's opposite Chai Leng Park's wet market.
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 8/10
Her rating: 9/10

Monday, 25 February 2013

One Year Anniversary WhatTwoEatHere!

So, for our first year anniversary of food-blogging, we decided to go back to the place where it all started. And it's good to know that their food still taste as good as one year ago. You can see here for our comments a year ago! :)

Happy Year One, WhatTwoEatHere!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mee Goreng at Swee Kong Coffee Shop at Pulau Tikus, Penang

Mee Goleng!

We know of so many places that sells great mee gorengs but one day, we decided to makan here. 

Hot afternoon + mee goreng extra chilli = SUPER! 

Almost anywhere in Penang, you can easily find mee goreng at every corner. No kidding. And it's really not that difficult to spot a good one. Mee Goreng is like fried yellow noodles mamak style, with lots of other ingredients! :)

Chef at work.

Mee Goreng tak mau telur.
He says: Tastes good and the price is reasonable! Has the smell of the pan which adds flavour into the mee goreng.
She says: Not the best I've eaten so far, but definitely to the nice side. Will I order this the next time? For sure yes. Best if you add the spicyness! :D

Mee Goreng at Swee Kong Coffee Shop at Pulau Tikus, Penang
Location: Pulau Tikus, Penang
Direction: The shop is located opposite Burma Road police station.

Price: Reasonable

His rating: 6.5/10
Her rating: 6/10

Friday, 8 February 2013

Blessed Chinese New Year 2013!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our viewers a very
Blessed Chinese New Year!

People get united through food, just like how food had brought he and she closer :)



Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nasi Minyak aka Nasi Ganja at Kampung Bengkali, Butterworth

Penang people will travel for food. Doesn't matter near or far. Penang people sure WILL travel for food! Or at least we know we will la! Hahaha.

The thing for this is that it's not that far. Just across the Penang Bridge. Very near what. He went there once and ever since then, he kept talking about it and insist that she has got to try it out! So, one night, we decided to hop onto a car, get some of our buddies and off we went for a food adventure overseas. Yeah, over THE sea. Hahaha.

She: Can I just say that, when I was on the way there, my expectation was very high because of all the emotions he used while describing it to me. And he also said that a lot of people line up for it. Like A LOT! But when we got there, there were like probably only 5 humans. Hahaha. But of course after that, there were close to 30 people lining up, under the drizzle. Amazing stuff.

He says: This thing is the special thing here. Aromatic, sticky and tasty!
She says: From quite a distance, sudah boleh smell the aroma la! Super thumbs up! I could just eat this with curry on top.

Our nasi minyak.

 He says: Look at that! Howww tasty looking it is. hahaha. The 'kerang'/'ham' is fulamak! The curry chicken is tender. The omelette and vegetable is just so so though. On top of all that, a mixture of curry which is so rich in flavour. Gah. I wanna go again ASAP!
She says: The mixture of all the curry blends in just nicely. The aroma of it is just finger licking good la. No kidding! The rice and curry goes well together! A definitely must try for everyone! :D

Nasi Minyak aka Nasi Ganja at Kampung Bengkali, Butterworth
Direction: Hmmm.. Butterworth. It is very hard to explain. So, refer to the location on Google map below. If you're going from Penang, it is easier if you go through the ferry though as it is very easy from there. If you use the bridge then prepare to pay some extra toll charges. Not much though =)
Price: Quite expensive

His rating: 9/10
Her rating: 9/10

Monday, 4 February 2013

Adam's Famous Chicken Curry Puff at Jalan Pasar, Penang

Walking down the street after having our lunch nearby and she decided to get this. One of her favorite karipap stall. We NEVER and I mean NEVER not eat "extra" food after a meal. It's just like our mouth itches everytime we see something yummy or something that catches our eyes.

Famous as you can see.. :)

Chicken Curry Puff - RM1.50 per piece

He says: Best curry puff in town! Crispy outside and hot inside. Good stufff! =)
She says: TWO THUMBS UP! The chicken curry inside very nice. And they are actually packed inside not like those that very empty inside or only have potatoes. This one packed with cubed chicken meat! Not too spicy not too mild. Perfecto on a sunny bright day :)

Adam's Famous Chicken Curry Puff at Jalan Pasar, Penang.
Location: Located right in front of Sin Hup Aun Coffeeshop.
Direction: Turn into Pulau Tikus Market at Jalan Pasar and you will see the stall at the junction of Jalan Moulmein.
Price: Cheap

His rating: 8.5/10
Her rating: 8.8/10

Friday, 1 February 2013

Wan Tan Mee at Swee Kong Coffee Shop at Pulau Tikus, Penang

Brunch time is always best. 

This means we both woke up at that kind of time where eating lunch is too early and a bit too late for breakfast. Syiok la this lifestyle. Though we only get to do this over the weekends. 

Anyways, we were figuring out where to eat and what to eat. He suggested that we linger around Pulau Tikus since we were gonna do something later on. So, in the end we came here!

Very difficult to find free parking space around this area so we parked our car at quite a distance! But this is Penang! Walking makes it more fun! :D

Master Chef at work. 

An extra point for chefs that are extra friendly to people who takes photos of their stalls and their "secret recipe"! :)

Wan Tan Mee (S) - RM3.50
He says: Its kinda rare to find wan tan mee with "lor" on top of it. And the combination of it is just so special. Like it =)
She says: It's a typical wan tan mee. The "gravy" supposed to make it special but I feel it tasted rather bland to me. Nothing unique and I didn't really like it. The noodles however is very springy, which is a good thing! Oh and the fried wantons are super yummmmeh! 

Wan Tan Mee at Swee Kong Coffee shop, Pulau Tikus, Penang
Location: Pulau Tikus, Penang
Direction: The shop is located opposite Burma Road police station.

Price: Reasonable

His rating: 7.5/10
Her rating: 6.5/10