Monday, 7 January 2013

Lok Lok at Padang Brown, Penang

We LOVE LOVE LOVE tea time! And we only have that on the weekends. More like Saturdays or weekdays when she doesn't have to work. It's like those time of the day where you feel so relax and lazy and all you wanna do is just eat. Eat yummy food and make your tummy happy.

We always come here. Most of the time we will be here. He comes here so often (since young) that the aunty knows him and calls him 'Ah Boy'! She comes here quite often too with her family.

We would like to think that this lok lok place is actually quite well-known among the Penang people. Just look at the crowd. And it stays like that the moment the stall is open, which is usually around 3pm onwards.

The spread of varieties of foods.
He says: My favourite lok lok! =) Loveeee fried wantons, loh bak and the "ju hu eng chai" (cuttlefish kangkong). 
She says: All the raw foods are fresh. I like the fried wantons. Not so much meat inside but it's super yummy when you eat it with their spicy sauce.

Sauce 1: Satay-like-sauce.
He says: Satay sauce... Dip ur pick into this sauce alone is good enough! =D really! hahaha
She says: I never really liked satay-kind-of-sauce. But when he asked me to give it a try, i was shocked. Shocked to find out that this satay sauce is different from any I've tasted. There's like a twist in it. Like they cooked it with some other ingredients that I would say 'makes it special'! It's really thumbs up!

Sauce 2: Spicy sauce.
He says: Spicy and a little bit sweet. Mix this with the satay sauce for better taste!
She says: Because of my love and passion towards anything apicy, this I love too much. I usually dip all my cooked food into this sauce. It's not only just spicy, but it has a very nice aromatic taste. Must try!

Lok Lok at Padang Brown, Penang
Location: Johor Road or opposite Convent Datuk Keramat 
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 8/10
Her rating: 9/10

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