Monday, 14 January 2013

Hafiz Tomyam Opposite Sunrise McDonald, Penang

Hungry at the time when everyone is supposed to be sleeping. Nasi Beratur would be perfect but it was too far from where we were. HUNGRY just before a midnight movie! HOW!? The inside of Gurney is practically closed and eerily quiet. Haha. The boy brought us to a place, just opposite Sunrise McD, very near to the Gurney Drive's roundabout.

 Just like any Malay stalls, they have dinner sets for at least 2 pax.

Nasi paprik. ayam.
He says: Paprik is one of my favourite Malay dish but not the one here. Doesn't have the "UMMM".
She says: NOT NICE AT ALL. 

Maggi Soup tak mau pedas.
He says: Hmmm.. Not really niceee.. Jack didn't finish this!
She says: It tasted so weird that all of us couldn't finish it. NO!

Bee Hoon Kungfu (bee hoon deep fried with eggs)

He says: Ini best! My favourite! haha.. try this! Note that this dish is not only quite spicy but also sour. 
She says: The gravy is ok ok only. Nothing to shout about, really. The deep fried beehoon is unique la. But after eating a few spoonful, jelak d. I will not order this lo next time. 

Hafiz Tomyam at Gurney Drive, Penang
Location: Directly opposite Sunrise McDonalds, just before the roundabout leading to Gurney Plaza.

Price: Reasonable

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 4/10

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