Sunday, 2 December 2012

More More Thai Restaurant at Terengganu Road, Penang

We eat so much Thai food that we can be Thai people legally. No joke. We eat way too much of thai food. If she were to invest in opening up a restaurant, it will definitely 110% be Thai Restaurant! CONFIRM!

Dinner date with his family! In fact, it was his parents whom suggested this place to us. I tell you, spend time with your family and you'll be surprised of certain things that you will find out/learn. It's amazing.

We both love family dinners! First because bonding with family is what matters most in both our lives. Two because we get to order more choices of food and no need struggle to finish the food. Thirs is because we don't have to pay (at least not yet) :)

We both have never heard/seen about this place, at all. It's almost like the whole Penang Island, any corner got Thai Food, we both sure know ehh. Well, sort of. Such thai food stalker we are. Anyways, time for some comments on the mummum.

Tomyam Seafood a.k.a Tomyam Talel - RM35
He says: Sawadeekap! This tomyam, good + good! Its more to 'lemak' type of tomyam but you can also taste the sourness and spiciness at the same time. =D 
She says: Thumbs up! It's sour and spicy at the balanced ratio. Also, one thing I really like about this soup is that it's quite creamy/milky/smooth. Very pleasant feeling while drinking this one.

Green Curry Chicken a.k.a Kan Koy Wan - RM15
He says: My mum's favourite! haha. Smells great but the taste is just so so.  It's my mum's favourite though!
She says: Chicken meat is not hard and that's a good sign. The curry is nice. I wouldn't say extraordinary great and different. But it is towards the nice and will-order-again-perhaps!

Prawn Cake a.k.a Tot Man Kun (6 pieces) - RM24
He says: My favourite! Garing tau! Recommended! =D
She says: This is very yummy! Very crunchy on the outside and pretty soft on the inside. It almost tasted like fish balls in donuts' form. I prefer eating this on its own than to eat it with rice! Order this as appetizer! TOTALLY YUMS.

Eggplant (brinjal) with minced pork and bean paste - RM8
He says: Hmmmm.. Not a big fan of brinjals but the sauce tastes quite good. 
She says: I'm an ok-ok person with brinjal. Got seasons eh. Sometimes I like it and other times, I just won't bother having it. The way they cook it with minced pork and bean paste somehow makes it really appetizing. Yeah, APPETIZING is the perfect word to describe it. I bet for those who doesn't eat eggplant, after you try this dish, you might just fall in love with it :))

Otak-Otak a.k.a Hor Muk - RM15
He says: Otak-otak! The taste of the santan in the  is really strong but its not bad. Quite pricey though..
She says: Pretty normal to me. I still think that otak-otak is overpriced in every Thai restaurant. I mean, it's like so small and so pricey for its size. And its a dish where you eat one mouthful and you have to go back for more!

Steamed Fish Thai Style - RM40
He says: YOU GOTTA TRY THIS. It's amazing, really. Its spicy and soury to the perfection!
She says: The BOMB of the night. I can really go speechless with this one. The sauce/soup/gravy is mindblowing! It's sooooo good. So good that as I'm commenting on it, my saliva literally feels gathered in my throat. AHH! And the fish is pretty huge, so I would say that RM40 for this dish is totally worth it! TOTALLLY! Oh, and it's really spicy! LIKE REALLY REALLY SPICY! No kidding!

More More Thai Restaurant at Jalan Terengganu, Penang
Location: Along Terengganu Road, Penang (directly opposite Lai Lai Coffeeshop)
Price: Quite expensive

His rating: 8.8/10
Her rating: 9/10


  1. I agree with you..the food is pretty awesome!!! And it's my cousin's girlfriend's we go there for my cousin's birthday etc..and he always order until we cannot put any more food into our mouth!!!

  2. nice food but bad service..the girl is too ego..sorry to say that..

  3. We love the food there as if we're having the authentic local thai food which is hardly found in pg. A must try restaurant and price is reasonable with good service

    1. Agree with your comment! Nice food

  4. I like the thai food there, and I would go there again and last last week was my 9th time. Price is reasonable. The staff service is good and food is served quite fast. Love it. Cleanliness is up to expectation. Try it out when you are in Penang!

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