Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Like us on Facebook!

For those who haven't LIKE our facebook page, it's about time that you do so!

Very simple. Just click HERE!


You can always type WhatTwoEatHere at the search tab in facebook. If you see the figurins of us, means you're at the right place!

LIKE us to get updates constantly and also be entertained with our daily/weekly/monthly random weird FoodFacts!

We actually already have this page long time ago (not that long long) but we didn't publish it as we both don't really have that much time and we wanted to just do it as we wish (since this is a hobby/past time thing). And finally, we decided to publish it and we gotta say, that we love it! We also recently got invited to join an online food-community-network-thing. It's so fun doing this. So yeah, LIKE us and you'll be part of us too! :)

So, join both of us in this amazing food adventure! :)

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