Saturday, 17 November 2012

Battle of TWO Wan Tan Mee Stalls in Penang.

We never really would regard ourselves as Wan Tan Mee lovers. Not that we hate it or dislike it but I think we never really go crazy over this hawker food. Not till recently.

This post is specially created like that because we went to two different place in the span of few days. Both also we ate in the midnight, I think. So, here it goes. Our Wan Tan Mee story.

First place we went: Wan Tan Mee at Chulia Street, Penang

Mr Tam Chiak making his order.

It was drizzling that night, hence the lady's fashionable 'pink hat' :)

Wan Tan Mee (used to be called 'Tok Tok Mee in the olden days) - RM2.80
He says: Quite different from other wan tan mees. The noodle is just right! However, the lady gave me a unpleasant look when I ordered the food. Boo sama lu! Bad service..
She says: I wasn't that hungry the night we ate this. So, that's why we only ordered one plate of it. I could smell it even before the pinkhatlady puts it down onto our table. The noodles, not too hard and not too soft. I think what makes this wan tan mee taste so good (and apparently famous too) is the black sauce/gravy that makes or breaks the whole dish. In conclusion ah, I LOVE THIS ONE! :)

Wan Tan Soup - RM3.00 (9 pieces of mini wantons)
He says: Normal la.. 
She says: I like the wantons. Very soft and meaty and juicy. Soup, is pretty okay. Nothing extraordinary le.

Wan Tan Mee at Chulia Street, Penang.
Location: Along the same road as Old Trafford Burger.
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 6/10
Her rating: 8.5/10

Second place we went: Maria's Wan Tan Mee at Burmah Road

Grumpy aunty is grumpy heh.

Wan Tan Mee (thin/fat noodles) - RM3.00
He says: I like this one! The noodles are soft and the gravy is just nice. =) the only downside is that there is no fried wan tans =( haha.
She says: Two different types of noodles. My fav is the fat one! That's my order btw! The noodles are okay. It's more to the hard side but still nice. The sauce/gravy is just ok ok to me. Very normal kind of wan tan mee that any other place also have d.

Dumpling Soup - RM0.80 per piece (minimum of 4 pieces)
He says: Gah.. expensiveeee.. Very small and little pieces of prawn and pork inside. But its good =D
She says: I LOVE THESE DUMPLINGS! Got prawn and pork meat inside. What makes it so nice is the mixture of herbs/veges that's part of the filling. Such brilliant idea. And the soup, very tasty! :)

Maria's Wan Tan Mee at Golden City Coffeeshop, Penang
Location: Coffeeshop is next to New World Park, along Burmah Road.
Price: Reasonable

His rating:7.8/10
Her rating: 6.5/10

So, in any battle, there must be a winner and a loser, right?

Let's see who likes what!

HIS YAY: The second one =) Ma-ri-yah ma-ri-yah....! 

HER YAY: DEFINITELY THE FIRST ONE. The one along Chulia Street! The wan tan mee has more aroma than Maria's. Though I have to say that the dumplings at Maria's are a lot nicer (but expensive ehh)! My all-time-winner would still be Chulia Street's Wan Tan Mee (that's of course until I go find and taste better ones!) For now, *cheers* CHULIA STREET! CHULIA STREET!

AIYO! No winner ehh!

Guess what! We are gonna determine the winner and loser with your help! Very simple! There will be a YELLOW poll box on the right side of this blog. Simply click which wan tan mee you like more and we will see who the winner is.

Is this going to be like the 'battle of the sexes"? Hmm..

So, join us and let's see who will win this battle for the first time? He? She?

We will find out very soon! :)

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  1. If points for yummyness then it's Chulia st!
    But the long wait and service not good