Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mango Dessert at Hui Lau Shan, Gurney Plaza, Penang

We always walked by this place and never got the chance to try it out. She is not a big fan of fruits but he is. In the end, we tried it out ler since its mango and almost everyone likes mango, right?

After movie one night, we were like "let's go eat mango!"

and mango we ate (healthy supper)

Presenting to you *drum rolls* MANGO ROMANCE - RM12.90

First one - Mango Ice Cream with diced fresh mango on top of a layer of jelly.
He says: Its okay okay la.. Love mango! The ice is so so ni... But i like the aloe vera together with the mango!
She says: The ice cream, I loveeeeeee! So smooth and strong of mango flavour. Super rich and super awesome! Diced mango is good and pretty refreshing. The jelly that's at the bottom of it all is the spoiler of this mini dish. Tasteless and disgusting texture.

Second one - Pureed mango served with mini glutinous rice balls  and diced mango.
He says: I likey this one! =D Its like a cup of think mango juice with those balls inside it.
She says: I like the mango puree, and the diced mango in it. The glutinous rice ball, I don't really fancy.

Third one - Mango ball (fillings of diced mango) coated with shredded coconut and sliced mango.
He says: Mango again! This one is quite special.. tastes better than i expected it to be!
She says: This dish is a genius. Who would ever know  that mango goes quite well with coconut? I never knew. At first, I thought it was gonna be a weird one. But no, this is definitely my favorite in this 'romance'! :))

Price: Pretty expensive

His rating: 4/10
Her rating: 4.5/10

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