Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gusto Cafe at Tanjung Bungah Hillside, Penang

Wanna know what exactly do the Westerners eat in their far far away land?

You don't have to travel far to try it.


So, one Saturday noon, we decided to lunch there with a couple of our friends. Time for some bonding you see. Actually, a few of other friends ate there before and mentioned in Instagram that this is a must try, so we decided to go check it outt! :) (and yea, we know the owner/founder of this cafe)

Menu on the board (written by the co-author himself) :)

She was curious how this would taste like.
He says: Hmmm.. Tastes like ginger ale? 
She says: Ginger is the least of my like-to-eat-things, but I just had to try this out. It looks nice and it  was nice. LOVING IT. Only RM2.00!

Cafe Latte/Flat White - RM6.00
He says: Like and love this.. You gotta try this cafe latte peeps! Smells really good. Try adding on double espresso shot if you wanna feel more awake =D
She says: Me no likey coffee. Sorry, don't know what to say also. It tasted.. bitter? (that's usually how coffee is like what)

Pulled Pork (served with wedges and potato salad) - RM15
He says: Pork burger!?! The last time I tasted a pork burger was the samurai burger from Hatyai! This one is  not the same as that though. The meat is simply softtt after being cooked in a slow cooker for 14-18 hours.. However, I think Gusto can add more taste into this though.. Maybe with the meat a bit burned.. The salad is okayyy...  
She says: It's crazy how soft and tender the pork meat is. It's cooked in a slow cooker for many many hours and I didn't even have to chew much! For those who wears braces and just have them tightened, you can still enjoy! Just order this burger! Oh, and the bun that they serve with is wholemeal type. AHH! Goodness add with more goodness! Oh, and their potato salad, GENIUS!

Double Happiness Burger (a.k.a. Heart Attack!) - RM15
He says: THIS IS DA ONE! You people gotta try this like ASAP. The beef was juicy, the cheese was supple and the bacon was fulah! what a great combo.. Plus, it comes with healthy buns and wedges. REALLY, YOU GOTTA TASTE THIS YOURSELF =D
She says: Double the beef patties and double the bacon? And the cheese is not those ordinary sandwich slice cheese. It's those like really gooey and yummy! I LOVE THIS BURGER! I have to say that this is the best beef burger I have eaten so far in Penang! And it's so cheap!! :) *drools*

Cheese Steak Sandwich - RM15
He says: Cheesy and yummy! This one is alright for me =)
She says: Quite like this one. Yummy beef withthe yummy melted cheese. THUMBS UP! :)

Their SPECIAL homemade sauce.
He says: This homemade sauce is specially done by the boss himself. Try this with the wedges =)
She says: Who needs sauce when the burget itself is already so nice, right? Haha. Anyways, I like this one. Nothing extraordinary as I'm not really the sauce-type-of-person but you have to try it! :)

Gusto Cafe at Tanjung Bungah, Penang
Location: Tanjung Bungah Hillside.
Direction: It is right beside the Petron (used to be Esso) Petrol Station, Hillside.
Price: Reasonable (portion is big)

His rating: 8.5/10 for overall and 9.5/10 for the double happiness burger and the latte.
Her rating: 9.5/10


  1. I have eaten here several times and really enjoy the food. For your information a pulled pork sandwich is not a pork burger. Pulled pork sandwiches orignated in the southern part of the United States. A pork burger is a burger made of ground pork. I have had many pulled pork sandwiches in different parts of the US and I find the ones at Gusto to be quite authentic.

  2. Oh ya!!!the latte is good!!! Better taste with better price compare to those franchise stall.

    The bagels here, are yummy too! Soft and its authentic!

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