Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Soya Bean at Funny Mountain, Ipoh

First out-of-Penang's food post!

I honestly love how Malaysia is. Can just drive anywhere. 45 minutes and you will find yourself surrounded with all the awesome food in Nibong Tebal like their pork noodles, crab porridge, ice blended peanut, dry hokkien mee and laksa! And then, 2 hours to Ipoh!

And that's where we were last week. Boy, was it awesome. Such amazing time to get away from the island for few hours and bond with our buddies!

Anyways, other than the usual dim sum breakfast that's famous in Ipoh, our friends brought us to this place after brekkie.

Perfect on a sunny day, especially.


yes, soya bean drink and the tau foo fah a.k.a. soya bean curd.

It's apparently that the line is always this long or longer.

Business hours.

Soya bean, soya bean curd and grass jelly drink.

They even sell by bottles.

The famous tau foo fah (soya bean curd)
He says: Tao hua! One quite a big fan of tua huas! =D I gotta say this place's tai hua is really smooth. Unfortunately, the portion is super small. haha. However, I think Penang has a lot of tao hua as good as this.
She says: It is really smooth and soft, just like what we've been told. But to say it's SUPER nice, I won't say so.

Soya bean and Michael Jackson (because it's half black and half white!) Hahaha. It's mixture of soya bean and grass jelly.
He says: Love this one.. Its not as sweet as other places. Just refreshing enough! =D
She says: This one me no like. I prefer the mixed one. There's hardly any taste on the soya bean drink. It's like so blahh.

Funny Mountain Soya Bean has a picture of a rabbit in red pushing a trolley with stuff? Hmm..

Funny Mountain Soya Bean, Ipoh
49, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 4.5945, 101.0842
Price: Quite expensive

His rating: 6/10
Her rating: 4/10


  1. price is quite expensive? what are you cheap? portion is little cus you paid 90 cent? please if you are poor no need to make a food blog. there's alot more other blogs out there that wouldn't mind paying for sublime food. dont make a joke here low life

  2. i'm surprised to see someone said 90 cent for a bowl of tau fu fa is expensive. i've tasted the tau fu fa it was good and above average. Definitely worth 8/10 or higher. 4/10 is insulting

  3. Our rates are not only based on the price. She rated it low because she thinks that it wasn't as good as how people have mentioned it. It is solely based on our honest opinion. However, appreciate your concern. Have a nice day :)