Monday, 24 September 2012

Aroi Chang Moo Kata at Pulau Tikus, Penang

A good friend of ours suggested this place for dinner. A dinner to celebrate the beginning of his new chapter in the university. Big boy liau. Sadly, his new chapter is opened 4 hours away from all of us. So, he suggested this place and she was happy because it's Thai food! She is sooo addicted to Thai food, I tell you. He is not very far from her also la, actually. heh.

We reached there at 7pm, but the rest that were supposed to join us couldn't make it on time. And the main boy also late. HAHA. So, because we were toooo hungry, we decided to order a plate of Thai fried rice to share and tahan the hunger first. We thought we were gonna order dishes when the other boys come, but obviously we did not. Can I just say that this place is so awesome ah? Hehe.

Thai Fried Rice - RM6
He says: A decent fried rice la, nothing special.
She says: I can't tell if we were too hungry that everything at that moment would taste nice or it is just a really nice plate of fried rice. But it is really nice. I like!

Thai sambal that came with the fried rice.
He says: No comments. Me no eat sambal.
She says: Love belachan! Therefore, love this sambal! :)

Then, Gary came. Yes, Gary who will be one of our guest for this makan. He's the one who ordered the whole unique thing here. And then, Josh joined us. (sorry girls, one is available and the other one is so not d)

Josh and Gary.

So, what did we eat here?

We ordered Barbeque Steamboat, Thai's style. Yes, it is pretty different than the normal ones that we have. Everything that you gonna see are included in the set that we ordered. Feast your eyes on some of the pictures we took that night!

The sause to accompany the steamboat.
He says: The right one is better but I'll prefer both mixed together =)
She says: I like the green one better. But the red one isn't bad also.
Josh says: *no comment because he didn't try* He called himself a bad food taster. Haha.
Gary says: i. sambal. ii. sweet and sour spicy sauce. COMBINE BOTH TOGETHER! Definitely a must  DIP for all of yur food, you won't regret!

He says: Spicyyy, spicy and spicy.. That is all that I can remember =S

She says: Love this one. Not too sour and very spicyy! Just the way I like itt!

Josh says: It was nice. Spicy and sour at the same time.

Gary says: Not my kind of appetizer. I didn't even try it! Presentation wise, it's n

Belachan Fried Chicken
He says: This very nice la.. Belachan chicken is always good. =D

She says: This one no good lah! My grandma makes better belachan fried chicken :)

Josh says: It's chicken! It's always good!

Gary says: The other 'appetizer' and I really enjoyed it this time! I'm known for my 'special chicken wing consumption, serious! Haha. Nothing extraordinary, but expectation met.

The ingredients.

The 'pot'

A very huge 2 pieces of pork belly they gave us, and our dear friend Josh ate the whole thing. That was probably his favorite dish that night! :)

The 'crime scene'
He says: Love at this, super fun to play with right!? haha. With 2 'pork-fat''s fat oil flowing down makes everything u fry on it smells good! The soup is not bad but would prefer if its thicker and spicier rather than salty =D

She says: I've always liked Thai's style steamboat. I love this place. Definitely in my list of favourite Thai Restaurant in Penang. Sumore can just sit down and slowly enjoy the meal. The shop's location is very quiet and calm, sort of.

Josh says: Overall, it was okay! Soup not that great.

Gary says: POWER!! This is what we went there for. Tomyam soup was marvelous. Spicy, sweet, sour, sweat and tears! Eating it with glass noodles made it perfect for the night. Don't forget to keep refilling the soup as it will turn sour once it the soup thickens. The staff will help but just take note! BBQ wasn't too bad. The meats were seasoned with sesame seeds and others (which I can't recall). Don't forget to dip them into the 2 sauces before you feed it to your tummy!

Thab Thim Krop (dessert) - Water chestnut with coconut milk
He says: Yucks. The Thab thim krop is totally different from any other stalls out there!

She says: THE MOST DISGUSTING DESSERT I HAVE EVER TASTED. no kidding. yucck. Why they wanna add rose syrup into it? BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.

Josh says: I didn't have the dessert since they said not nice. lol.

Gary says: HAHA! Who ordered this?!? I never had the real Thab Thim Krob before but thi tasted like Dutch Lady Strawberry Milk, the one with our very own Miss Pandelela as the ambassador. I think this was the only stuff on the table that had us struggling to finish.

Business Hours.

Aroi Chang Moo Kata at Pulau Tikus, Penang
Location: No. 22, Burma Lane, 10250 Georgetown, Penang
Direction: Opposite the ever famous Thai Temple in Penang, Wat Chaiyamangkalaram.

One way street. The photo is taken while standing right in front of the shop.

Price: Reasonable

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 8/10
Josh's rating: 6/10
Gary's rating: 8/10

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