Friday, 10 August 2012

Vinegar Lor Mee/Tomyam Noodles at Fountain Cafe, Carnarvon Street, Penang

One fine cloudy hot night + Two extremely hungry people = Problem.

Each one takes turn to suggest a place to eat = Solution.

But sadly, Solution failed miserably because everything that he has suggested, she'd say no and vice versa.

And then all of a sudden, SOMEONE (can't remember whether its her idea or his) mentioned "Lor Mee, vinegar eh!" and that was all that we needed to hear.

Straight formula 1 to the kopitiam.

We didn't even have to think what to order because we have been there many times. And everytime we were there, we always OVER-ORDER like seriously! The last time we ordered the Lor Mee (for 2) and then chicken rice (for 2 also) and 12 pieces of deep fried tofu. And fried oyster? I can't remember d.. It was crazeee! (we managed to finish all, but it was crazy torturing..)

So this time, we only ordered what we wanted to eat, and what we thought was quite our favourite. We were tempted to order side dishes but we resisted the temptations!
*everyone claps* Yes, we are indeed very proud of ourselves :)

Tomyam Maggi Soup

He says: This one is so so la. But for those who prefer tomyams which are more of a sour and spicy type then you should go for it!  
She says: It's not a bad tomyam, it's not an awesome tomyam. It's pretty delicious! It's okayly good! :)

This is the shop that sells the tomyam and many other items. This time wasn't our first time ordering the tomyam. That menas we kinda like the dish!

Vinegar Lor Mee
He says: A very special lor mee! Unlike the usual lor mee(s) outside, this one got the taste of vinegar. Also, it tastes a bit like shark fin soup! =D You gotta try this yo!
She says: Calling all shark fin soup lover, this you sure like! I don't really like taking shark fin soup cos I'm not a vinegar-kind-of-person, but this dish changes my liking status towards vinegar, for sure. LOVE THIS DISH TO THE HARDCORE! MUST TRY!

The stall that's behind that brilliant dish!


Both of the stalls are located in a kopitiam, or should I say neighboring coffeeshops! You'll be able to see based on the photos that we took from our lovely Samsung S2! :)

The lor mee stall is at the very left side of the photo below (in the first nameless kopitiam) and the tomyam in the Kafe Fountain. Many other things to eat there!

Vinegar Lor Mee/Tomyam Noodles at Kafe Fountain
Location: Along Carnarvon Street
Direction: Coming from Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong, take a turn to the left into Carnarvon Street, and the shop will be on the left, just as you turn in!
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 8/10 (Vinegar Lor Mee) & 6/10 (Tomyam Maggi)
Her rating: 9/10 (Vinegar Lor Mee) & 7.5/10 (Tomyam Maggi)


  1. Next time you should try the koay teow th'ng there.. it is quite good eating with the or chien. I'm not usually a koay teow th'ng lover but there is pretty good...

  2. I agree with Wei loon Teh, this Koay Teow Th'ng is awesome, it is chicken soup not duck soup and heard that it had been there 35years(traditional recipe),chicken rice is simply delicious too.The Laksa too is very delicious with thicker soup not like most of the other Laksa which is so dilute!And I like Tomyam with instant noodle, so reasonable price and so tasty.