Friday, 24 August 2012


We just found out that Starbucks no longer give out RM10 vouchers! So what we are doing now is that we will give out THREE RM20's Starbucks e-voucher!   

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So, we decided to give away FIVE RM10's three RM20 Starbucks e-voucher! Yes, five three chosen one (to draw lots) will each receive RM10 Starbucks Voucher! RM20 Starbucks e-voucher!

No, we are not giving it away just like that la, of course. Nothing comes free in this world, my dear friends. You will need to do something! Something really simple!

First, click 'Follow this blog' on the right side of this blog that says NetworkedBlogs.
Once you have clicked it, post your email address in the comments box below this post! And then, you stand a chance to the RM10 voucher!


This is open until 30th of September 2012, and then it will be closed and the drawing lots will begin! (refer to the first statement!)So, wait no more and 'Follow' us on our adventure of exploring food together! :)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Azlan Tomyam at Balik Pulau, Penang

Penang people. Gotta. Love. Penang food. And Penang beaches. And Penang as an island itself. And obviously Penang people loves Penang people.

So how many of you, 'all-the-so-called-Penangites' have been to the other side of Penang?

Yes, there is another side of Penang!
*shame on you* to those who were like "Huh? Really?"

Let us show you THE MAP of this beautiful island *googling*

The left side of the map. If compared to the side that we know of, it is rather quite not well-developed, yet!
Balik Pulau is often famous for its laksa and also the perfect place to eat durian (the king of all fruits). But that's not what we are gonna talk about. Of course, there's plenty of things to eat from the morning till the afternoon there, but what about when the sun has gone down?

Fear not. For we went to a place for dinner (more of like supper since it was 10pm plus) after our floorball state training (yes, that's why we are both still in good shape even when we eat so much! kidding kidding). We wanted something mamak-ish/malay-ish/curry-ish.. We chose this place to eat because they have such attractive coloured signboard of the place. And our first impression was like "The food here must be nice, since there was quite many people there eating" or probably cos it is by far the biggest Malay makan place that's in Balik Pulau. Haha.

Tomyam Sayur - RM5.00
He says: Tomyam lagi! The tomyam here is quite spicy but its not that KAO. Be careful vegetarians, there is meat inside the tomyam sayur!
She says: It doesn't really taste like tomyam's tomyam. Get it? But I love the soup! I actually pour quite a bit onto my plate till it floods my rice, something that I don't usually do. We ordered tomyam sayur but there were squids, prawns and chicken meat in the soup! Yeehaw! :)

2 Telur Dadar - RM2.00
He says: Yerrrr... Super super duper oily.
She says: My least favourite that night. Super oily and nothing to shout about, really. Confirm will not order this the next time I go there again.

Ayam Gajus (Cashewnut Chicken) - RM5.00

He says: Hmmmmm.. A no no for me next time!
She says: I find it super hard. It's almost like there's no meat in there but flour. It's definitely deep fried first. The sauce, however I like! Spicy and thick!

Azlan Tomyam
Location: Balik Pulau, Penang
Direction: Heading towards the town area from Balik Pulau Sports Complex, it will be on your right. You won't missed it as their signboard is clear and wow :)
Price: Pretty expensive

His rating: 3/10
Her rating: 4.5/10

Friday, 17 August 2012

Beng Heang Bak Kut Teh at Air Itam, Penang

Days when it's raining (or just finish raining in our case) and it's cold and it's such a perfect time to have some chinese herbal soup and you are with special someone who warms you up!

What better things to eat than 'bak kut teh'! Direct translation --> meat bone tea (where there's a lot of meat, meatballs, button mushrooms (some people add shitake mushrooms as well), internal parts)

Though bak kut teh is famous in Klang, that doesn't mean Penang doesn't have good ones, right? :)

Penang has the best of all world :)) Go PENANG! :).

The cooking area at the entrance of the house/shop.

Bak Kut Teh
(Usually eaten with rice and 'yu char koay' (strips of fried dough), but we didn't want it because we're not a big fan of those deep fried stuff and also, can save our ka-ching ka-ching! :)

Up-close of the meat and green veges.
He says: Hahaha.. Love the soup but the soy sauce is not that nice.. Tastes different somehow. =D 
She says: My definitely favorite dish at all times! Meat inside, soft and tender. Soup, double thumbs up! Really love how perfectly balanced the herbal taste in the soup is :)

Beng Heang Bak Kut Teh
Location: Jalan Ait Hitam, opposite BHP petrol station
Direction: If you are coming from town, the shop will be on your right whereas if you are coming from Penang Hill side, the shop will be on your right!
Price: Pretty reasonable

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 9.3/10

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Survey Number Three!

Ello all pretty ladies and handsome boys out there, if you are reading this post right now at this moment, please just scroll down a lil more and you'll see a bright red box that says ads by Nuffnang. Once you see that, please answer the one question that's in it.

Very simple only. It only takes like less than a minute! It's a survey that we are doing!

For those of you who have done it, here's a BIG shoutout to you all.


We really appreciate it!

Have a blessed week, everyone! :)

Friday, 10 August 2012

Vinegar Lor Mee/Tomyam Noodles at Fountain Cafe, Carnarvon Street, Penang

One fine cloudy hot night + Two extremely hungry people = Problem.

Each one takes turn to suggest a place to eat = Solution.

But sadly, Solution failed miserably because everything that he has suggested, she'd say no and vice versa.

And then all of a sudden, SOMEONE (can't remember whether its her idea or his) mentioned "Lor Mee, vinegar eh!" and that was all that we needed to hear.

Straight formula 1 to the kopitiam.

We didn't even have to think what to order because we have been there many times. And everytime we were there, we always OVER-ORDER like seriously! The last time we ordered the Lor Mee (for 2) and then chicken rice (for 2 also) and 12 pieces of deep fried tofu. And fried oyster? I can't remember d.. It was crazeee! (we managed to finish all, but it was crazy torturing..)

So this time, we only ordered what we wanted to eat, and what we thought was quite our favourite. We were tempted to order side dishes but we resisted the temptations!
*everyone claps* Yes, we are indeed very proud of ourselves :)

Tomyam Maggi Soup

He says: This one is so so la. But for those who prefer tomyams which are more of a sour and spicy type then you should go for it!  
She says: It's not a bad tomyam, it's not an awesome tomyam. It's pretty delicious! It's okayly good! :)

This is the shop that sells the tomyam and many other items. This time wasn't our first time ordering the tomyam. That menas we kinda like the dish!

Vinegar Lor Mee
He says: A very special lor mee! Unlike the usual lor mee(s) outside, this one got the taste of vinegar. Also, it tastes a bit like shark fin soup! =D You gotta try this yo!
She says: Calling all shark fin soup lover, this you sure like! I don't really like taking shark fin soup cos I'm not a vinegar-kind-of-person, but this dish changes my liking status towards vinegar, for sure. LOVE THIS DISH TO THE HARDCORE! MUST TRY!

The stall that's behind that brilliant dish!


Both of the stalls are located in a kopitiam, or should I say neighboring coffeeshops! You'll be able to see based on the photos that we took from our lovely Samsung S2! :)

The lor mee stall is at the very left side of the photo below (in the first nameless kopitiam) and the tomyam in the Kafe Fountain. Many other things to eat there!

Vinegar Lor Mee/Tomyam Noodles at Kafe Fountain
Location: Along Carnarvon Street
Direction: Coming from Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong, take a turn to the left into Carnarvon Street, and the shop will be on the left, just as you turn in!
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 8/10 (Vinegar Lor Mee) & 6/10 (Tomyam Maggi)
Her rating: 9/10 (Vinegar Lor Mee) & 7.5/10 (Tomyam Maggi)