Friday, 13 July 2012

Lucky Dessert at Gurney Plaza, Penang

Durian season is about to end! *wipes tears*

but fear not people.

We found a place where you can get durian-related-food, at a very reasonable price I would say! heh.

We wanted to eat durian so badly but we were already in Gurney Plaza, so we like kinda put that craving aside and forced to not think about it! 

Then, we found this place that sells durian! Durian wrap that is. 

 The front of the shop that made us stop and stared at it for like 5 minutes cos we don't know whether to try it out or not. And that also we asked the guy so many questions. 

Oh and if you buy at 9pm onwards, it's buy 1 free 1 :)

Looks yummeh.

 They have mango wrap too, which we didn't try cos we were super craving for durian only! :D

and they have these too.

Durian Wrapz - RM4.90
He says: Durian fever! haha.. durian durian durian... Its quite hard to find durian in malls rite? Here's another solution other than my all time favourite durian cream puff.. Durian wrapz! Its okok only la.. the yellow wrap thingy is quite weird.. The only plus point is that it is DURIAN =D
She says: I love how cute and proper it looks. and the color of its wrap thingy is super nice. There's durian and a bit of cream inside. IT'S INSANELY DELICIOUS! So delicious that the next day, I went back and got two of it! Definitely a must-eat-snack at Gurney! :)

Lucky Dessert Gurney Plaza
Location: Basement Floor of Gurney Plaza. opposite 'I Love Yoo' shop!
Price: Reasonable/Expensive

His rating: 4/10 (small and expensive)
Her rating: 9/10 (not so small and reasonable)

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  1. wow, amazingly coated that yellow coat on the dessert is just so perfect and smooth. I just love the creativity and the presentation of this dish. Please share the recipe too. Thank you