Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Famous Hokkien Mee/Wan Tan Mee at Mt. Erskine Market, Penang

We, not morning people definitely! And we do not usually eat breakfast unless we are meeting up with friends or it's a special day kind of thing.

So on one of the Sunday, we decided to wake up earlier than planned to go have breakfast. 
Because we have to go to Tanjung Bungah's beach to help a friend with a short video shooting, so why not have breakfast first, right?

and we took few shots of our own, just because the last time we were at a beach was long time agooo! 
So here you go, the two authors of this awesome-possum food blog! :D

Okay, back to the breakfast. So since we were gonna travel up north, he suggested Mt. Erskine Market. And the market we went. 

The man and women behind the stall. So, what do they sell? 

This uncle can multi-task, because he sells two items!

First: Hokkien Mee
but the one we ordered is different. 
We ordered Hokkien Mee with Wan Tan Mee Noodles - RM3.00
 He says: Yummy.. The fusion of wan tan mee's mee and hokkien mee's th'ng! haha! Good food =) Try this peeps! =D
She says: A very unique combination. The soup is good. Not great but good. 

Second: Wan Tan Mee - RM3.00
He says: Normal la.. The same old same old. =) However, the texture of the noodle is just nice!
She says: Noodles not too soft and not to hard. The black sauce that they use is superb! Very aromatic! and their dumplings are very soft. Definitely a win compared to the hokkien mee.

There are so many things to eat in the market, so in order for you to know which stall this is, we are gonna show you this. It's a separate part of the whole market. It's like the second division or something. It's behind this plastic-ish curtain. On the right side of the photo, it's the clean public toilet.

Hokkien Mee/Wan Tan Mee Stall 
Location: Mt. Erskine Market
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 7.5/10
Her rating: 7/10

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  1. Wait whaaat dude Adrian is that you and your gf? LOL I was randomly googling what to eat in penang your blog popped up.

    I'm back in Penang so was looking for new places to makan haha.