Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bountiful Kitchen Restaurant at Jones Road, Penang

So, the family heard about this new place that serves set lunch and off we went to try it out. I tell you, the two authors of this blog are gonna gain so much weight that no one will be able to recognize us anymore, if we don't exercise! HAHA. The pros and cons of being a food blogger huh. But so far, we are loving it! :)

Set lunch.

Interior of the restaurant is quite modern looking and nice.

Drinks (honey green tea or iced lemon tea)
He says: Just like any normal honey green tea.
She says: This one quite nice :) hooray to honey green tea!

Soup of the day
He says: I can't even remember the name of this soup! Green pea soup? Looks green but tastes empty. Nevertheless, the soup compliments the bread really well. =)
She says: Pretty tasteless to me. Didn't finish it. and I am usually someone who finish my soup!

Cumin Chicken (Signature Dish)
He says: The one is quite good. The chicken is a boneless one with cumin sauce poured over it. Also, it comes together with vegetables and mashed potato. 
She says: Not bad.

Kapitan Fish
He says: YUMMY. The gravy is really good. It comes with garden vegetables and briyani rice. The briyani rice is not aromoatic enough though..
She says: Like the nasi briyani and the spicy gravy on top. 

Spaghetti Fish Masala
He says: This is something new! It is some kind of western and indian fusion thing! Spaghetti and curry together. Quite a nice combination though.. 0.0 
She says: Pretty weird combination. Curry and spaghetti? Hmm.. Me no likey..

Orange Lemon Fish
He says: Tastes really weird. Orange+Lemon? Decide either one man!
She says: This is not nice. And it's not filling at all.

He says: Hahaha.this one remind me of the rainbow Paddlepop ice cream i love last time. Ok la. Didn't try that at the end. "Too full"
She says: In my most honest opinion, this has got to be the most disgusting ice cream I have ever put into my mouth. YUCK!

And then, we ordered ala carte too. This one is called dragon silk (RM7.90)
He says: Wah good ah! I like.. Try this one peeps! =D
She says: I kinda like this one. Its more like fried crispy fish paste but it's nice, esp with the Thai chilli sauce.

Bountiful Kitchen Restaurant
Location: No.5, Jones Road, Pulau Tikus (Closed on Thursday)
Opening hours:
11am- 2.30pm
6.30pm- 10.30pm
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 5/10 
Her rating: 4/10

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