Thursday, 31 May 2012

BBQ Chicken Wings at Queensbay Drive, Penang


Oh how we love snacks! Okay, maybe not so much for him cos wanna jaga badan, konon. HAHA.

So, we decided not to eat in Queensbay cos most of the makans in there very pricey. So, we walked out to the 'new happening place'! which she started calling it the 'Queensbay Drive'! :)

And because this stall was highly recommended by her dad and youngest sister, so we must try la.

Not only chicken wings that they sell, but also bishop's nose (bet you don't know what that is! hah)

It's chicken backside! :)

He says: Everyone out there! you gotta try this! Look for this stall that has no name. Haha! Its only RM1.50 per chicken wing and the 'chicken backside' is only RM1. This thingy is super good as it is marinated perfectly and a layer of honey brushed around it before and after the wings are 'bar-be-qued'!
She says: Chicken backside, me no like and me no eat. Chicken wings, me LOVED it! Very well marinated I would say and after they bbq it, they will coat it with honey! Oh how the yums! 

Also, got extra-long-punya-sausage!
He says: This jumbo hotdog is OKOK. It tastes like... a hotdog? just that it is a long one.. =D
She says: Okayla. It tasted nice maybe cos we were hungry and if you order this, make sure you mix the chili sauce and black pepper. Very nice together! :)

Look at the crowd. That was just like around 5pm. We waited quite long for ours, but it was worth it la cos it tasted so gooooood!

Queensbay Drive
Location: Opposite Queensbay Mall, towards the end thats near to Bayan Lepas.
Price: Reasonable (The jelly is quite expensive though)

His rating: 9.5/10 (Super good rating huh?)
Her rating: 9.8/10


  1. Thanks for the ratings given. We were no longer in queensbay area.... now moves to ivory plaza....

    1. Oh hi! Oh that's a good news! We will come and visit you soon! We have missed your chicken wings so much! :)