Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Agua Restaurant at Straits Quay, Penang

He: *on the phone* Eh, we got invitation la!
She: Hurh? Who getting married?
He: For our food blog wan la!
She: Seriously? *sarcasm mode*
He: *straight read out the whole email*
He: I know righttt!

The conversation explains it all, didn't it? So, we were both invited to Agua Restaurant in Straits Quay for a Paella Cookout! (Along with other food bloggers and journalist for magazines). We had no clue what Paella was but still very excited for the night to come! 

Knowing that we were going to eat at this restaurant, we went around and asked a few of our friends who have actually eaten in this restaurant. We got mixed reviews, so we didn't really know what to expect. We did not further research on this restaurant so that we will have like 'fresh opinions' spontaneously on the kind of food that we were gonna eat. Because we like surprises! haha :)

Let us say no more. People say a picture speaks of a thousand words, right? So, do feast your eyes on the pictures that we took. With a really good camera that died halfway and with our Samsung babies :)

One of Agua's signature dish.

and the show begins...

the fresh ingredients for Paella.

Imported Paprika.

Saffron (world's most expensive herbs, so we heard)
That's RM500 worth of Saffron that she's holding.

Special type of rice used in this dish.


After twenty five minutes of wait.. 

While waiting, we were served with a glass of Sangria, crispy garlic bread and fresh salad. Plus with lots of getting to know each other. 

Garlic bread.
He says: Normal.
She says: Like any garlic bread. This one is quite hard as I find it hard to bite (maybe its my braces! Hmmm)

A mixture of red wine and seasonal fruit slices.
He says: Wine plus fruit skin! haha. Simply refreshing =)
She says: This is definitely my favourite! I would have refilled it thousand of times if I could. And I usually don't like red wine but this is just exceptional! Perfect for hot days! 

Fresh salad
He says: Never really fancied salads before this, but this one is really good. Must be the combination of all the salads plus olive oil!
She says: Love the salad. Like it that they don't used mayo type of dressing. Its dressing is light and I think made with olive oil. Avocado definitely is the winner among all other ingredients inside! :)

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing to you, PAELLA!
RM42.90 per serving (must share! two person at least!)
He says: Honestly, i didn't expect it to me so good. This thing is really special. How do I start? hmmm.. smells good! and the texture of the 'rice' is a little sticky. Both the chicken and seafood paella tastes great but I think the latter is better! Guys, this dish is the way to go and is a 100% must try! However, eat it as soon as it comes! Tastes better when it is smoking hot! One more thing, you also get to see how this dish is cooked before eating it. -.o

She says: This makes me speechless. When I smell it, it smells spicy. And when I eat it, it's spicy but not spicy. It's that good! And I couldn't just stop eating. Every time I eat it, I want more. And at first I thought it was not gonna be enough since the portion looks so small nia, but it was filling like mad. I couldn't even eat supper after that. Seafood is definitely my favourite! :) It's pricey but overall, its so yummy and healthy! 

The ladies.
Third from the left is Karen, the founder of this restaurant with its name, Agua, means water in Portuguese.
Agua Restaurant
Straits Quay, Penang.
for more info, do visit their website!

Price: Expensive

His rating: 8.9/10 
Her rating: 8.3/10


  1. I have tried the food in Agua just last Sunday but i dont really like it. Furethermore, its too pricey.

  2. Hi there.

    I'm not sure of other food that they serve cos we didn't try it yet. I do think that people will either like it or not cos its very different from what we eat here. But yea, we agree that it is pricey.

  3. actually I heard that they import most of the ingredients (including the rice and that saffron, from spain); so no wonder it's more expensive than our local char kway teow

  4. looks like fun, that you got invited!

  5. I have been to Straigh Quay for many time, but did not dine in Aqua before... may be i will go there for a try out.. Seem delicious.


    1. Hi Mr Pow. Nice to meey you. We've read your food web and its really good. Yup you should go Aqua and try, and tell us what do you think about it!

      Sincere regards,