Saturday, 3 March 2012

Salmon Skin at Sushi King

You're not hungry, yet you feel like eating something? or feel like you just need to munch on something! mouth very the itchy right? haha.

you know what's perfect for that? Something really light and tasty! 

the answer is SALMON SKIN! but where to get one that is not expensive and sumore convenient to find!?


The next time you go to Sushi King, give this salmon skin a try! SERIOUSLY!

That's like our favorite snack and its a sure order every time we dine at Sushi King!

Salmon Skin (deep fried)
RM4.00 per plate
He says: My favourite dish in Sushi King. Try it with sweet sauce and a little bit of wasabi! However, its deep fried! So, for all weight watchers, you might have to think twice before eating. But so what, its delicious screwww the calories!! =D
She says: I super like this dish. I'm not really the type who always eat at Sushi King or any Japanese outlet actually! but when he introduced this dish to me, I find myself visiting Sushi King more often now! teehee. :D

Price: Reasonable

His rating: 9/10
Her rating: 9/10

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  1. The salmon skin was lil soggy the last time i ate it