Monday, 5 March 2012

Famous Char Siew Rice at Sky Hotel, Penang

Hello earthlings! We're back with more yummy food! local or not! :)

This time we went to Sky Hotel (see locations below) and tried on their famous char siew rice! It was his first time and her second time there. So we both didn't really know what to expect! 

Very easy to spot cos they stand out in their color! very old building though!

 the mad crowd. we went there at 1230pm on a Sunday. However, we got a seat very quickly too! We didn't have to wait! haha :)

the 'crime scene'! just in front of the shop.

Water Chestnut drink (in hokkien: Mah Tai) - RM1.90
He says: Nice and refreshing!
She says: I don't like water chestnut, but this one is pretty sweet and refreshing. but pretty pricey for one glass like that le.

Chicken + Char Siew = His (RM4.50)
He says: Tasteless. The rice was plain and the sauce is as bad. Char siew is not bad but the chicken is a not again for me. 
She says: I didn't like the chicken. So chewy!

Char siew = Her (RM4.50)
She says: I love the char siew! tender, juicy and aromatic! They are famous for its char siew whatt! I like the sauce too that's on the rice as well but they gave little bit nia. 

Sio Bak - Roasted Pork Belly (side dish for two) - RM6.00
He says: Tender and nice but quite salty. Kinda like it =)
She says: I don't like it! Too salty!

 Pork + some vege = soup (RM1.50)

Boiled green vege (RM1.50)
He says:  Kinda pricey for a plain soup like that and..again! this time, the vege is tasteless and salty!
She says: I kinda like the soup, but really it's nothing special and not worth the money we paid for it. The veges also like ok ok nia. 

Char Siew Rice at Sky Hotel, Penang
Location: Sky Hotel, 348 Chulia Street, 10200 Penang. 
Direction: If you are coming from Penang Road, the building is on your left, however if you're from Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, it will be on your right, just like how the picture shows.

If you see on the picture above, there's a turning to the right next to the hotel. That will solve your problem of parking. However, they charge at RM2.00 and do watch out of dog poops on that road! 

Business Hours: 1130am - 230pm (closed on Monday)

Price: Quite expensive

His rating: 2.5/10 and yes 2.5. 
Her rating: 5.5/10


  1. I went there for lunch today.Was expecting a better chicken rice since people say it's nice. However, the white chicken rice ( no roasted chicken rice surprisingly ) tastes bad, the sauce is normal ( sweet as other normal chicken rice ) rice got no taste, and it costs a bomb of RM5 ?!!
    To my surprise, RM0.40 is charged for not ordering drink ( please give ppl a glass of plain water laaaa for charging it )
    I swear will not go again. Arrogant hawker charging expensive , soup has to be charged too ?!

  2. Hi Zhan! Thanks for writing in. I guess it's pretty overrated and probably quality has dropped over the years. It used to really good as we can remember..

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