Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Curry Fish Head at Restoran 77, Penang

We were scratching our heads so hard to figure out where to eat on one of those days during the weekend. You know, as usual, when one asks the other "what to eat?", the answer that you will hear is "anything la". Then the reply will be, "I also anything wor"! 

So in the end, we decided to drive to Gurney Plaza as there's so many places to eat there. As we drive there throught the Gurney Drive, She saw Restoran 77 and quickly suggested it! He agreed and wala! 

Then, we made our order with an elderly woman.

 Curry fish head for two.
He says: The taste of the curry is quite different from other fish head curry but its not a great fish curry. To those that wanna try something different, give this a try =)
She says: I didn't like the curry! I thought it was disappointing as it was quite famous for its fish curry. 

Stir fried kailan.
He says: Boleh tahan la.. Not a dish that i would long for here.
She says: I love this dish! It's probably the only thing I like there! I love how they stir fried it with a bit of ginger so the taste was very nice!

Restoran 77.
'Famous' Curry Fish Head (Penang)
Go along Gurney Drive. If you are coming from Gurney Plaza, it will be on your right, at a corner right before Crepe Cottage and Coffee Island.

Price: Very Expensive (it was RM39 for a curry fish meat for two person) - WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!

His rating: 5.5/10
Her rating: 4/10

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