Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Famous Dry Bak Kut Teh at Seong Huat Restaurant, Penang

Time for some non halal post yo!

Bak Kut Teh (direct translation would be: Meat Bone Tea) :P
soup AND dry!

Yam rice + White rice
He says: Nothing special bout both of this =)
She says: Yam rice is nice. White rice is normal.

Soup Bak Kut Teh - RM6
He says: Erm.. This one is so so. The taste of the soup is not strong enough.
She says: I like the soup. It's not like the best I've eaten but its nice.

Dry Bak Kut Teh - RM7
He says: Introduced by one of my buddy which is in Klang now. Klang is famous for their dry bah kut teh. I didn't know that this thing existed in Penang until last week! Surely, one of the best thing ever! The sauce itself is nice, it is a little sweet and a little spicy at the same time. There are also small pieces of cuttlefish inside!  Must try! 
She says: Love this. This is the very reason we went to this place and eat cos their dry bak kut teh is sooo good! 

Kedai Makanan Seong Huat
Location: Opposite Tesco Extra (Sg. Dua,Penang)
Direction:  If you're coming for the Pesta side, turn right at the traffic light directly in front of Tesco(which is on your left).  
If you are coming from USM, go straight until you see a traffic light after the shoplots which McDonald, Infinity and Pelita are located, at the traffic light,turn left. 
Don't be confused by the other bah kut teh shop at the corner, go straight around 20 meters and its on your left =) and... tahhhhdaaa!

Price: Reasonable

His rating: 9.3/10
Her rating: 8.5/10

Monday, 26 March 2012

Nasi Melayu at Marvista, Medan Selera Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Ever heard of the saying 'You are what you eat'? 

Hmm, in this case, we are probably everything and anything! (except crawling creatures that are not meant to be eaten) :)

So, one nice sunny hot bright afternoon, we went all the way up to Tanjung Bungah and gave this place a visit (after so long for her since she used to live nearby that area). Nasi Melayu Marvista it's called.

Many might have heard about this place or even eaten here before. It's pretty famous I would say. There's actually two nasi melayu and some grocery stores in the Medan Selera so do take note that this review is on the first one as you walk in from the entrance!

                                 the mad crowd at 11am (it wasn't even lunch time yet!) 

the variety of food you choose as you walk according to the line all the way down to where you pay as you leave.
Starting off with the vege corner, fried corner (fish, chicken) and then the ending part consists of different types of curries! (just posting this up makes my mouth watery already!)

the man's plate.
(cuttlefish, brinjal sambal, sweet honey-ish chicken breast)
He says: The honey chicken was good. The meat is soft inside and the honey is not too sweet outside. One of my favourite other than the one in KAYU! . I took cuttlefish too! The sauce tastes wonderful! Didn't really like the brinjal though. =D 
Look at the crowd! You gotta try this.. the only minus point is that the place is kinda heaty.

the woman's plate.
(deep-fried pomfret, taukua sambal, kangkung, sambal belachan)
She says: The fish is YUMMY to the extreme! They always refill it with newly fried ones so it's like super crunchy and aromatic. I actually was struggling whether to choose this fish or their famous fried chicken. Guess fishy won. Taukua was soft and it's cooked in like peanut-ish sauce/curry and I just love the way it taste. A must everytime I eat there. Kangkung is normal! :) Oh, another must try is definitely the sambal belachan. really all thumbs up!

the 'famous fried chicken'
He says: Hmmmmmmmmm... Crispy and soft inside. At par with the one at Jamal! 
She says: The fish didn't really win huh. Cos I got the chicken in the end too! after i finish my lunch! tender and juicy and hot and niceee!  They refill this everytime tooo! 

So now that you heard about this place and what we both think about this place, you obviously want to know where it's located :)

Know where is Dalat International School? Know where is Batu Feringghi? Well, it's further than the international school and before Batu Feringghi! haha. It's opposite the famous floating mosque.

Nasi Melayu at Marvista, Medan Selera Tanjung Bungah, Penang
Location: Tanjung Bungah.
Direction: Keep driving straight after passing Flamingo Hotel, turn left when you see a Medan Selera blue board and a floating mosque on the right. REMEMBER, turn LEFT!

And then you will see this and your vehicle travels upward.

Go further in till you see the gate on your right. Turn in for more parking space or you can even park along where you turn in earlier.

the car park area inside. Free of charge.

They open everyday at 9am except Sunday!

Price: Very reasonable.

His rating: 8/10
Her rating: 9.5/10 (highly recommended!)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring Cafe Restaurant at Tanjung Tokong - Penang

How many of you know of an online community that offers daily promotions on travel, fashion, food etc, called This post is definitely motivated by one of the promotions that he bought many months ago!

From RM40++ per person to RM12.50 per person, he definitely will jump into getting it since it's so 'worth it'! and jumped into it he did. 

This is actually quite funny as she wasn't very convinced that it was gonna be that 'worth it'! But he mentioned that the main course is salmon and it's a set lunch that includes appetizer, drinks and also dessert. Anyways, we finally use the voucher and do read till the end to find out what happened!

Iced lemon tea
(the only choice was to either be served hot or cold)
He says: the only thing that is different is that you get to choose how sweet you want it to be.
She says: It really is a normal tea with lemon. The only I like about it is that we decide how much sugar to put in. I believe its also for other drinks ordered as I observed from other tables.

Appetizer 1
Mash Potato
He says: No taste at all. 
She says: Tasteless to the max! yuck!

Appetizer 2
Tomato Soup
He says: One of the worst soup I have ever tasted. Sorry!
She says: I think it's from a can and they just heat it up.

Main Course
the 'Salmon'
He says: Brings me back to the first time I ate salmon, where it gave me a nightmare. Smells bad and not fresh. The salad is the only thing that's nice.
She says: This is to the ultimate core food part of me that I hate this dish! the salmon smells so bad. I mean like those really not fresh kind of smell. It was really horrible. Not only that, there were like bones (big and tiny ones) so it was so hard to eat properly. I had to cut those poor salmon into small pieces like feeding baby nia! See that whitish green paste below the salmon? Tasteless! The only thing that was edible is the salad. I had to eat it with chilli sauce, just imagine the horror!

Green beans' broth with sago pearls
(a.k.a. 'Lek Tau Th'ng in hokkien dialect)
He says: Not nice. Not sweet. No taste.
She says: I took one mouth and left the whole thing there.

We gave each other that stare. That kind of stare where it was so far from our expectations. It's like it never crossed our mind that it would be that bad. and then we laughed and raise eyebrows at every different parts of the 'set lunch'! For your info, we were not able to finish everything that was served. No kidding! 

Spring Cafe, Penang
Location: Prima Tanjung
Directions: If you are coming from Gurney Plaza, go straight and keep left. There will be a traffic light junction in front of Island Plaza, turn left BEFORE the traffic light and take another turn left and go straight. Slow down as Spring Cafe is on the right side among the row of shop lots.

Price: Expensive and not reasonable.

His rating: 1/10
Her rating: 2.5/10

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Malay Food at Impian Tomyam Restaurant, Penang

Time for food updates! This time we are introducing to you, Impian Tomyam Restaurant. Wanna know where it is located? Follow us till the end! :)

This is how it looks like in the front.


Our orders:
Tomyam Seafood - RM5
He says: This time the soup tasted kinda weird this time. However, I came here a few times before this and the tomyam was amazing!
She says: This tomyam sucks to the max! like seriously. It's the worst tomyam I have ever eaten! No kiddind! The last time I was there, the tomyam was like soooo nice. So i guess their food not very consistent lo.

Claypot Tauhu (Malay style) - RM5
He says: Tastes like with the Japanese taufu. Come together with a sizzling hot plate, its hot and good! Plus, it is only RM5.
She says: Me likey this one. Hot and sweet.

Ikan Siakap Tiga Rasa - RM25
He says: This siakap fish is good. The name of this dish is called Ikan Tiga Rasa. Cool huh? It's sweet, sour and at the same time, spicy. Try try try!
She says: We ordered this the last time too. I love it. Its a little too oily this time though.

Ta-daaaa! the dinner table!

It's pretty obvious which one is not so to our liking isn't it.

Impian Tomyam Restaurant
Location: Located next to Teluk Bayan Restaurant as seen in the picture.
Direction: If you are coming towards Queensbay mall, make a 9 o'clock turn a the roundabout and go up the bridge. Go all the way straight and you'll see the restaurant on your left. If you are coming from pesta, make a left turn at the junction and the restaurant will be on your right.

Price: Reasonable

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 5/10

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Friday, 9 March 2012

KhunThai Restaurant Teluk Kumbar (Part 2) - Thai food Restaurant in Penang

We went back to this restaurant at Teluk Kumbar for its awesome thai food second time for DadKhoo's birthday dinner! It's really double thumbs up for this restaurant to be by the seaside. Enjoying the sunset while eating away those delicious to the max eh food! :) best time to go is definitely around 530pm! and then you'll get views like that. Gosh, life is good no doubt!

and the place is already packed with homosapiens!

And this time we ordered totally different dishes except tomyam seafood soup! and we have a guest who is gonna be commenting too, the birthday boy a.k.a. DadKhoo :)

Steamed Siakap Thai Style
He says : Quite nice but nothing special though.
She says: The fish is fresh and the soup is nice. Overall, a good dish I must say.
DadKhoo says: I like the soup because it has a balance sweet and sour taste.

Nameless Fried Chicken
He says : From the outlook, it simply does not show how good it taste. Crispy and soft at the same time. Must try this!
She says : I love this chicken! thumbs up for the spices that they use to marinate this chicken cos they taste so so so good! We ordered this TWICE!
DadKhoo says: Crispy and up to my expectation! Re-ordered and that definitely speaks for it.

Otak-Otak Seafood
He says : Yummy!! However, the santan (coconut milk) taste is quite strong.
She says : Too coconut-ish!
DadKhoo says: Can be improved lo.

Stir Fried Tang Hoon with Prawns
He says : Stir fried glass noodles! Comes together with some really huge prawns. Another must try. The cook may have spilled some black pepper into it though.
She says : Too pepper-ish!
DadKhoo says: A bit salty but I like it.

Lala with Kam Heong
He says : Tasty and nice o.o
She says: Hmm, most of the ones that I took still has mud in them. So, YUCK! But, overall, it's so-so.
DadKhoo says: The dish is quite normal. 

Kangkung Garlic
He says : Not good. Plain and simple.
She says : This is something different than what I will usually have, which is Kangkung Belacan, and I like this dish. It's yummy.
DadKhoo says: It's good.
Price: Reasonable

His rating: 7.5/10
Her rating: 8.5/10
DadKhoo's rating: 8.7/10 (Highly recommended!)

To see the first post on this restaurant, go to:

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Famous Char Siew Rice at Sky Hotel, Penang

Hello earthlings! We're back with more yummy food! local or not! :)

This time we went to Sky Hotel (see locations below) and tried on their famous char siew rice! It was his first time and her second time there. So we both didn't really know what to expect! 

Very easy to spot cos they stand out in their color! very old building though!

 the mad crowd. we went there at 1230pm on a Sunday. However, we got a seat very quickly too! We didn't have to wait! haha :)

the 'crime scene'! just in front of the shop.

Water Chestnut drink (in hokkien: Mah Tai) - RM1.90
He says: Nice and refreshing!
She says: I don't like water chestnut, but this one is pretty sweet and refreshing. but pretty pricey for one glass like that le.

Chicken + Char Siew = His (RM4.50)
He says: Tasteless. The rice was plain and the sauce is as bad. Char siew is not bad but the chicken is a not again for me. 
She says: I didn't like the chicken. So chewy!

Char siew = Her (RM4.50)
She says: I love the char siew! tender, juicy and aromatic! They are famous for its char siew whatt! I like the sauce too that's on the rice as well but they gave little bit nia. 

Sio Bak - Roasted Pork Belly (side dish for two) - RM6.00
He says: Tender and nice but quite salty. Kinda like it =)
She says: I don't like it! Too salty!

 Pork + some vege = soup (RM1.50)

Boiled green vege (RM1.50)
He says:  Kinda pricey for a plain soup like that and..again! this time, the vege is tasteless and salty!
She says: I kinda like the soup, but really it's nothing special and not worth the money we paid for it. The veges also like ok ok nia. 

Char Siew Rice at Sky Hotel, Penang
Location: Sky Hotel, 348 Chulia Street, 10200 Penang. 
Direction: If you are coming from Penang Road, the building is on your left, however if you're from Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, it will be on your right, just like how the picture shows.

If you see on the picture above, there's a turning to the right next to the hotel. That will solve your problem of parking. However, they charge at RM2.00 and do watch out of dog poops on that road! 

Business Hours: 1130am - 230pm (closed on Monday)

Price: Quite expensive

His rating: 2.5/10 and yes 2.5. 
Her rating: 5.5/10

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Salmon Skin at Sushi King

You're not hungry, yet you feel like eating something? or feel like you just need to munch on something! mouth very the itchy right? haha.

you know what's perfect for that? Something really light and tasty! 

the answer is SALMON SKIN! but where to get one that is not expensive and sumore convenient to find!?


The next time you go to Sushi King, give this salmon skin a try! SERIOUSLY!

That's like our favorite snack and its a sure order every time we dine at Sushi King!

Salmon Skin (deep fried)
RM4.00 per plate
He says: My favourite dish in Sushi King. Try it with sweet sauce and a little bit of wasabi! However, its deep fried! So, for all weight watchers, you might have to think twice before eating. But so what, its delicious screwww the calories!! =D
She says: I super like this dish. I'm not really the type who always eat at Sushi King or any Japanese outlet actually! but when he introduced this dish to me, I find myself visiting Sushi King more often now! teehee. :D

Price: Reasonable

His rating: 9/10
Her rating: 9/10